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Today we present you more news from the FIFA 11 on PC!Gamescom is running up in Cologne,Germany and many stuffs have been gathered there by the many fans of FIFA 11!

The demo for FIFA 11 on PC will be released on 16th of September,like we said in our last post!And the full game will be on the market on 30th of September for the whole world!

  • EA also released the teams that will be available in the demo and there will be 6 of them: Olympique Lyon,Chelsea, Bayer 04 Leverkusen,Juventus,Real Madrid & Barcelona!

Here we’ve got a preview of the FIFA 11 PC gameplay from the Gamescom:

An official video will come out soon as EA releases it!

Finally we got some covers of the FIFA 11 game from different parts of the planet:

fifa11_cover_de_neutral.jpg (223 KB) fifa11_cover_ps3_us.jpg (332 KB) fifa11_cover_rus.jpg (121 KB) fifa11france.jpg (80 KB) fs3535_1.jpg (431 KB) fs3535_2.jpg (446 KB) kaka.jpg (450 KB) fifa11_kuba.jpg (181 KB)

That’s it for now!EA should release soon official gameplay videos for the PC version!

So until then cheers lads and see you soon here at FIFA Infinity.com for more FIFA 11 news.

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  1. no the demo is in 3 september and the teams are arsenal,barcelona,bayern leverkusen,ol lyon,ny red bulls and inter milan for pc.what you post is for ps3 sorry for bad english im from romania:)

  2. Avatar photo

    Well it seems that you are very very outdated,the demo informations above are for PC and they are 100% EA official news!Your source is clearly outdated and false!Please research before posting false news!Thank you!

  3. No its gonna release on sept 3 wqhich is 2day i hope

  4. Buna imi place siteul tau te-ar interesa un schimb de linkuri cu blogul meu?

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