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EA FC 24: Comparing Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Clubs

EA and FIFA have been closely associated with football enthusiasts for many years. FIFA is widely recognized as a global organization of the sport and as the most renowned title in football gaming.

However, the partnership with FIFA has come to an end, and EA has stepped into a new era with EA Sports FC 24. Since 2023, this game has been available, and despite the name change, Electronic Arts has delivered another highly popular soccer game.

Rest assured, despite the name change, the game continues to offer the same beloved modes and thrilling experiences. While there might be new layouts to adapt to, the familiar modes of Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and Career Mode ensure a sense of continuity and comfort for long-time players.

In today’s article, we explore the aforementioned modes, giving you a taste of what EA FC 24 has to offer. 

EA FC 24: Career Mode

EA has historically focused less on Career Mode, but now, exciting changes are being introduced in EA FC 24. In Manager Career, you now have the power to customize your tactical strategy, allowing for tactics like ‘pressing’ and ‘park the bus.’ Whether you want to play like Pep Guardiola or adopt a more defensive approach with Sam Allardyce’s ‘park the bus’ strategy, the game now offers a level of diversity that was previously lacking, making the gameplay more engaging and interesting.

In addition, you now have the option to include coaches in your backroom team, which enables you to expedite the implementation of your strategies compared to not having them. Similar to other expenses, superior trainers use a larger portion of your budget, but the ultimate objective of enhanced statistics justifies the investment. This is compounded with all the customary elements often seen in Career Mode, from engaging in discussions during player acquisitions to pre-game media briefings.

EA FC 24: Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team, also called UT, is a game mode inside EA FC 24. It allows you to assemble teams utilizing players from any league, both offline and online, to earn coins that can be used to purchase higher-quality players or packs containing randomly selected players. Its popularity has assisted EA’s dominance within football gaming, and we’ve even witnessed allegiances with professional clubs during major tournaments where top sports betting sites in the US have ushered in a new generation of gaming bettors.  

Ultimate Team has always been the game’s flagship feature each year, and this year is no exception. The much-favored game mode has returned to its conventional format, now with a significant addition – including female football players. After a considerable surge in support for women’s football, its long-awaited inclusion is now necessary.

In addition, Evolution cards have been introduced to Ultimate Team for the first time. Through challenges and goals, you can enhance the quality of low-rated cards. For example, there is now a ‘Founders Evolution’ card that enables you to enhance the rating of a striker from 75 to 83.

Additional alternatives such as ‘Golden Glowup’ provide a new element to Ultimate Team by enabling the enhancement of a bronze central midfielder to an 80+ rated card. Although some lingering issues remain, such as Evolution cards returning to their original form, Ultimate Team remains a fresh and thrilling choice.

The two primary gameplay enhancements are Evolution Cards and female footballers, which augment the familiar and beloved classic game types. The opportunity to progress via Division Rivals and FUT Champs is still available, alongside offline options like Squad Battles and Squad Building Challenges.

EA FC 24: Clubs

The concept of Clubs, previously known as Pro Clubs, is quite straightforward: you engage in matches with your friends and progress through several levels of competition. However, this year, Clubs achieved a significant milestone in its history by including cross-play. After a considerable wait, the mode is now available across all platforms, allowing you to play with your buddies regardless of the system you are using.


Eliminating relegation from clubs and adopting a structure similar to division rivals have alleviated the previous tension associated with the mode. Seasonal prizes, which are determined by the time of the year, provide fans with additional motivation to play, particularly due to the improved customization choices available. Additionally, the ability to monitor the number of supporters and your reputation is a modest but commendable characteristic, enabling you to experience a sense of pride in the advancements your team has achieved during the year.

By implementing a regular upgrading system and including skill games to accumulate experience, Clubs offers a more comprehensive and balanced experience than its previous version. It gives players a chance to unwind with a game that has become more competitive.

Comparative Analysis

It is evident that EA SPORTS consistently prioritizes its revenue-generating feature, Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Team mode is the primary source of interest for YouTube video makers, Twitch streams, and many gamers globally. FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles have all been very successful. Additionally, the announcement of promo teams generates significant excitement.

EA’s Q3 reports for this year disclosed that an impressive $1.712 billion was generated alone from in live services like Ultimate Team and other net bookings. Consequently, the mode generates more revenue from microtransactions than the total sales of the EAFC game. Ultimate Team have come to contribute to a substantial 73% of EA’s total business.

Many well-remember Pro Clubs’ heyday, from its inception until about 2015, provided a solid foundation that should have been further developed. There was an option, which still exists, to include microtransactions into the experience as well, such as purchasing various accessories and similar items. Regrettably, such has not been the situation, as Clubs still exhibit deficiencies in several aspects.

The addition of agents in player career mode has enhanced the degree of realism. It enables you to establish objectives and progress toward joining your desired organization. Adding the new player camera is a fresh feature in the settings that allows for a different perspective during matches.

While EA’s effort is commendable, it falls short of rivaling Football Manager, merely making superficial progress. The EAFC 24 still lacks comprehensive information and profound expertise, which may lead to frustration. There is still no online career mode, a feature that fans, including maybe yourself, have been requesting for years.

There is a clear inclination towards Ultimate Team, which is easily understandable. If a particular endeavor generates greater financial returns, adopting a strategy of continuous development and innovation is rational. The amount of money accumulating for it. Thus, it is completely logical.

It is clear that the offline modes need further development and distinct quality, maybe even a complete transformation. The gameplay will be reworked, rendering discussions regarding necessary changes in that aspect futile; we can only hope that the Ultimate Team’s efforts can go into all modes for this year’s edition.

Final Thoughts

Despite our grievances with EA Sports FC 24, it still exhibits significant improvements compared to FIFA 23. Implementing cross-play, including women’s football in Ultimate Team, and important modifications to Career Mode give us valid grounds for optimism over the next year. With EA FC 25 just five months from release, we don’t have to wait long.

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