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Score Like a Pro in FC 24: Complete Guide to Taking Power Shot, Volley and Trivela

Of course, scoring is the most fun thing to do in EA Sports FC 24, and it’s even better when you do so in a stylish manner.

A fancy goal in EA 24 can be simply understood as scoring through a trick shot and learning to score these kinds of goals is always a bonus for any player and is easy as buying term papers online. You will always have the liberty to choose whether to score a normal goal or finish in style. 

If you’re sick of falling victim to the Trivela shot, power shot and volley, here’s a guide to help you score such goals in your next Ultimate Team match.

How to Perform a Power Shot

For starters, a power shot is a shooting mechanic that you can use to smash the ball into goal with incredible strength. It was introduced in FIFA 23 and is a tough trick to master, but you can score plenty of power shots with a bit of practice. 

So, if you’ve been pinching buttons so hard without knowing what to do to perform a power shot, worry no more because I’m about to give you the trick. To do a power shot, hold the bumper triggers (LB and RB/L1 and R1) and then hold B or circle to shoot. As you hold the shoot button, the camera will zoom in towards the player who will delay a bit before taking the shot. 

You can score a power shot from within the box but they are most effective when outside. Getting a power shot right depends on factors such as space and accuracy. You need to have plenty of space to avoid being tackled before your player releases the shot. Ensure you aim correctly because accuracy is the bigger challenge when taking power shots.

How to Do a Trivela Shot

Unlike the power shot, performing a Trivela shot is fairly straightforward in EA Sports FC 24. All you have to do is hold down L2/LT while taking the shot and your player will go with the outside of their foot rather than the laces. They will then unleash a curling effort that goalkeepers are having difficulty in handling in EA 24.

Trivela shots are most effective when outside the box and the player is using their stronger foot to aim for the far top corner of the net. In its current state, the trivela can be performed effectively by any player on the pitch except the goalkeeper. 

How to Score a Volley

A volley is one of the fancy goals to score in EA Sports FC 24. Whether your player smacks it first time or makes a quick touch with the head, chest or even knee before the ball hits the ground, its a volley. 

A volleyed shot is so fast such that defenders around your player and the goalkeeper won’t have time to save it. Volleying in EA 24 is as straightforward as it goes. You simply have to press Circle on your PlayStation or press B on Xbox while the ball is in mid-air.  

Just to be clear, the controls given above are the default versions on PlayStation. If there’s any chance you have customized them to your own preference then you’ll need to figure out what works for you. 

EA SPORTS FC 24 is now available on multiple gaming platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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