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What To Look Forward in FC Pro Leagues

The esports scene has witnessed a remarkable merger of virtual and real football experiences through the EA SPORTS FC video game series. The latest installment, EA SPORTS FC 24, has introduced a compelling esports program named EA SPORTS FC Pro, dedicated to spotlighting elite 1v1 competition and offering a gateway to the prestigious FC Pro World Championships.

With a global narrative and streamlined schedules, FC Pro aims to redefine the competitive landscape and draw the worldโ€™s best players into an electrifying showdown. As domestic leagues pave the way to the ultimate championship, fans and competitors alike are on the edge of their seats, eager for a football spectacle.

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What is FC Pro?

FC Pro is a unique program within EA SPORTS FC 24 focusing on top-notch 1v1 competition, designed to showcase the best players globally on their journey to the FC Pro World Championships.

The format it’s structured with distinct competition windows; FC Pro Open which is a global competition, and FC Pro Leagues which encompasses domestic competition via League Partner competitions from February to April 2024. The climactic season ends with the FC Pro World Championship, bringing together the best from both realms to vie for the global title.

What are FC Pro Leagues?

As mentioned above, the FC Pro Leagues are league partners of EA Sports that will host esports competitions at the domestic level to find national champions and send their very best onwards to the FC Pro World Championship. There are over 30 leagues participating in EA’s new esports ecosystem, and some of the most important ones are:

ePremier League

The ePremier League returns for its sixth season, now on the EA SPORTS FC 24 platform. With a ยฃ100,000 prize pool and avenues to further glory through UEFA eChampions League and FC Pro World Championships, the ePremier League continues to be a prized competition. The excitement escalates with live finals spanning two action-packed weekends, promising a grand spectacle of esports competition.

Virtual Bundesliga

Launching the new 2023/24 season in November, the Virtual Bundesliga will be a pivotal part of EA SPORTS FC Pro’s inaugural year. This season welcomes three new clubs from Bundesliga and boasts an enlarged field of 35 clubs. With a prize pool of 87,500 euros and a pathway to the FC Pro World Championships, the competition is set to soar to new heights.

eSerie A

The eSerie A TIM is back with a flourish for its fourth edition, offering players a chance at the Italian national championship title and a ticket to the FC Pro World Championships. The competition will span from online qualifiers to the grand spectacle of the finals, with various phases ensuring a captivating journey for both players and spectators. The quest for glory continues, with clubs and players alike aiming for the pinnacle of virtual football excellence in Italy.

eLigue 1

As the official virtual French Championship, eLigue 1 presents a formidable stage for professional eSports teams from French clubs. With a prize pool of โ‚ฌ60,000, the competition intensifies as teams vie for the top spots that also hold the golden ticket to the FC Pro World Championships. The eLigue 1 Uber Eats encapsulates the fervor of competition with its structured phases of Regular Season and Playoffs.


eLaLiga EA SPORTS returns with a fresh guise, boasting numerous enhancements to enthral players, clubs, and fans. The competition, exclusive to PlayStation5, unfolds with draft qualifiers, followed by a riveting regular season. The grand finale awaits the Top 16 teams, where the eLaLiga trophy and a whopping prize pool of over โ‚ฌ300,000 beckon. The top players from the grand finale will represent in the FC Pro World Championships, marking Spain’s formidable presence in the global arena.


The eMLS is back with an expanded roster and a hefty season prize pool of $100,000. Representing 29 MLS clubs, the best FC 24 players across North America will compete for glory and a seat in the FC Pro World Championships. The competition, structured into two marquee League Series events and the eMLS Cup, symbolizes the growing stature of eSports in North America.

CONMEBOL eLibertadores

The eLibertadores is a beacon of South American eSports, returning under the umbrella of EA SPORTS FC 24. The competition holds the essence of CONMEBOL and Libertadores, offering players from South America a platform to compete and advance towards the FC Pro World Championships. The legacy of eLibertadores champions is a testament to the vibrant eSports culture in South America.

eChampions League

The eChampions League continues as a quintessential part of the FC Pro ecosystem, offering the top-ranked players in UT 24 Division Rivals a chance to compete for over $280,000 in prizes and a spot in the FC Pro World Championships. The journey from online qualifiers to the eCL Finals is laden with challenges, yet the prospect of eternal glory in the eChampions League is a lure for the elite.

The Essence of EA SPORTS FC Pro Leagues

The EA SPORTS FC Pro Leagues is a panorama of global competition, each league a narrative of perseverance, skill, and the undying love for football. As players traverse through the stages of FC Pro, from regional ladders to the grand stage of the FC Pro World Championships, the essence of football is celebrated in every virtual kick, every goal, and every triumphant roar.

The journey of FC Pro is not just a competition; it’s a global festival of football, uniting players, fans, and regions in a spectacle of eSports excellence.

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