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Evolution from FIFA to EA SPORTS FC: A Reflection

The EA SPORTS FIFA series has been a flagship in the world of football simulation games for years. However, with the transition to EA SPORTS FC, it opens a new chapter in EA’s football simulation journey. A look back at the FIFA series and a forward glance at EA SPORTS FC reveals both the advancements made and the areas needing improvement.

The Good of FIFA Series

Realism and Authenticity

The FIFA series brought a high degree of realism and authenticity to the gaming experience. The players, stadiums, and gameplay evolved to mirror real-world football closely. The introduction of HyperMotion technology in FIFA 22 was a notable advancement, enhancing the realism of player movements​​​​.


Extensive licensing agreements allowed a rich roster of teams, leagues, and players, adding a significant layer of authenticity to the game.

Community Engagement

Modes like Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs became social hubs, fostering a vibrant community of players similar to the ones that cashout in betika.

Regular Innovations

Regular updates and innovations like the Frostbite engine and VOLTA Football mode kept the gameplay fresh and engaging.

The Bad of FIFA Series


The aggressive monetization, particularly in the Ultimate Team mode, was a significant downside. It led to backlash from players who found the loot box mechanism predatory​.

Technical Glitches

Various editions of FIFA suffered from technical glitches and bugs that often marred the gaming experience.


Critics pointed out the core gameplay loop could get repetitive, with marginal improvements in successive editions. The Legacy Editions for Nintendo Switch were particularly criticized for lack of updates across four years​.

Transition to EA SPORTS FC

With FIFA 23 marking the end of EA’s partnership with FIFA, EA SPORTS FC 24 heralds a new era in football simulation​​. The transition comes with both enhancements and challenges:

Global Football Experience

EA aims to evolve to a global football experience, creating a vast football community with EA SPORTS FC, as emphasized by EA Sports FC 24 producer Sam Kovalev​.

Gameplay Innovations

New gameplay features like PlayStyles, AcceleRATE 2.0, and Precision Pass aim to make gameplay more authentic and enjoyable. HyperMotion V technology continues to be a significant feature, augmenting gameplay realism​.

Inclusion of Women in Ultimate Team

EA SPORTS FC 24 has included female player cards in Ultimate Team, promoting diversity and representing a broader range of football talent.

Improved Defensive Mechanics

New defensive mechanics are designed to be easy for newcomers while still requiring skill against experienced opponents​​.

Lessons for EA SPORTS FC

Balanced Monetization

EA needs to work on a more balanced monetization model, addressing the concerns related to loot boxes.

Community Feedback

Engaging with the community to gather feedback for continuous improvement is crucial.

Technical Robustness

Ensuring a bug-free, technically robust game should be a priority to enhance player satisfaction.

EA SPORTS FC presents an opportunity for EA to build on the successes of the FIFA series while addressing its shortcomings. With innovations in gameplay, a broader football community, and a more balanced approach to monetization, EA SPORTS FC has the potential to redefine football simulation gaming.

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