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FIFA vs. CSGO In The Esports Scene

The esports scene is the dream stage for every professional gamer. You heard that right, ‘Professional Gamer.’ If you are still of the concept that console gaming is only for past time, and real money cannot be made from it, ...

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Are FIFA Pros Cheating?

Competitiveness is what gaming is all about, especially in the higher leagues. As people climb up the rankings, the competition gets fiercer and the best rise to the top thanks to their extraordinary skills. FIFA is no different, and players ...

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The Recent Trend Of Selling FIFA Mods

In this post you will read our take on the recent trend that some modders started by charging users via Patreon for FIFA mods. Before proceeding with this post rest assured that will NEVER charge or limit access for ...

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FIFA And PES In The Videogame Arms Race

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer are in a videogame arms race in which each game attempts to sign exclusive deals with teams, leagues, and cup competitions. Last year’s game saw FIFA acquire the Chinese Super League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA ...

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