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EA FC 24 Best Young Strikers and Forwards

A couple of positions in your football team are crucial, and the striker is certainly one of them. Find out the best young options in the latest EA FC 24.

If you are looking to build your team for the future, then you will want someone young and prospective in that forward position. There are several players, but they cost a lot of money. If you are going to make a purchase, you must know that it is the right one. Below we have a list of the best young strikers for you to sign in Career Mode.

Why Is It Necessary to Own a Perspective, Young Striker?

Football is a game that is played for goals, and they are the main task of the strikers. Sure, the whole team is responsible for both defending and attacking, and those teams are favorites on sites like promoguy.us, and similar ones. A good striker can easily become a symbol of the club, and stay with the team for many seasons.

Just look at the examples of Rooney in United, Shearer in Newcastle, Drogba in Chelsea, Raul in Real Madrid, and others. That is why you need to bring a young perspective forward to your team.

Brian Brobbey

At just 21, Brian Brobbey has already made a significant impact as Ajax’s striking force. With an overall rating of 78 and a potential soaring to 86, Brobbey demonstrates why he’s considered one of the most promising talents in the Eredivisie. His right foot, complemented by 4 skill moves and notable strength (92), makes him a formidable opponent in any offensive position.

His 79 finishing and 70 heading accuracy, paired with a stocky build, allow him to hold off defenders and find the net with ease. The medium/medium work rate might suggest a balanced approach, but his on-field performance, especially with an 83 attacking position, showcases his natural instinct to be where the ball is headed. Brobbey’s power header play style and a substantial release clause of €51.2M underline his value and the high expectations for his career.

George Ilenikhena

George Ilenikhena, a striking prodigy at just 16, has already caught the eyes of scouts around the world with a towering 6’1″ frame and a left foot that promises future greatness. Currently with Antwerp, his 70 overall rating is just the tip of the iceberg, with an 88 potential that speaks volumes of his expected development.

His finishing (74) stands out as a key attribute for a young striker, indicating a natural goal-scoring ability. While his medium/medium work rate and lean build suggest versatility and potential in physical growth, it’s his mental aspects, like a 72 attacking position, that hint at a player with a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Ilenikhena’s youth, potential, and €8.5M release clause make him a tantalizing prospect for top clubs looking to invest in the future.

Elye Wahi

Elye Wahi, at the age of 20, plays with a maturity and skill set that belies his years. With an overall rating of 78 and a potential of 84, Wahi represents a blend of technical finesse and physical prowess. His right foot, coupled with 4 skill moves, allows him a versatility in attack, highlighted by an 81 finishing and 86 volleys.

This, combined with his remarkable movement ratings, including 88 acceleration and 87 sprint speed, makes him a constant threat to defenders. Playing for Lens, Wahi’s medium/medium work rate and normal body type provide him with the stamina and strength to compete at high levels. His flair and acrobatic playstyles, along with a significant release clause of €46.2M, mark him as a player destined for great achievements.

Marcos Leonardo

Marcos Leonardo, a 20-year-old striking sensation at Benfica, is rapidly making a name for himself in Liga Portugal. With a 76 overall rating and an 85 potential, Leonardo showcases a promising future ahead. His right foot is deadly, supported by 4 skill moves and an 81 finishing rating, making him a potent goal threat.

Although his medium/low work rate suggests a more relaxed approach to the game, his 82 jumping and 75 strength mean he’s more than capable of holding his own. With a release clause of €36.3M, Leonardo’s chip shot playstyle hints at a player with a knack for scoring in style, making him a valuable asset for any team looking to bolster its attacking options.


Samuel Omorodion Aghehowa or commonly known as Samu is a 19-year-old striker playing for Deportivo Alavés, on loan from Atlético Madrid. The young Spaniard stands out not just for his 6’4″ height but also for his on-field prowess. With a 72 overall rating and an 83 potential, Aghehowa is on a path to becoming a dominant force in La Liga. His right-footedness, coupled with 3 skill moves, makes him a versatile option in the attack.

While his 76 finishing and 74 heading accuracy are impressive, it’s his 82 jumping and 80 strength that make him particularly dangerous in aerial duels. Aghehowa’s power header playstyle and a relatively modest release clause indicate a player with significant growth potential and the physical attributes to match the demands of top-flight football.


These are some top young strikers recommendations that every manager wants in his team. This position is crucial when you create your squad, so think ahead, and invest heavily now to have a great striker for many seasons.

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