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EURO 2024 Is Coming To EA FC 24

EA SPORTS FC 24 will feature the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament for the first time since 2012, marking a renewed partnership with UEFA. The inclusion of this prestigious football event was confirmed in an official trailer that unveils the new downloadable content (DLC).

Release Date and Availability

The much-anticipated Euro 2024 Update in FC 24 is set for release in early June 2024, just before the tournament’s commencement on June 14 in Germany. This update will be available across multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, EA SPORTS FC Mobile, and EA SPORTS FC Online, at no additional cost.

Euro 2024 Ultimate Team Promo

In celebration of this update, EA SPORTS has launched a special Euro 2024 promo in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Players active in FC 24 before January 16, 2024, will receive an exclusive rewards similar to Cosmo Casino Rewards. In EA FC 24’s case, the rewards are a non-tradable Ultimate Team item featuring one of the star players from the tournament.

These players include Jack Grealish (England), Ousmane Dembélé (France), Federico Chiesa (Italy), Florian Wirtz (Germany), Virgil Van Djik (Netherlands), and Álvaro Morata (Spain). The specific ratings of these players are pending, but are expected to exceed their regular base cards, reflecting EA Sports’ recent strategy of rewarding active players.

What to Expect from the Euro 2024 DLC?

The Euro 2024 DLC in FC 24 aims to deliver an authentic and engaging experience of the tournament. Players can expect a dedicated game mode for both offline and online play, coupled with special Ultimate Team promotions related to the tournament.

The DLC will feature the currently qualified teams, with the final roster to be confirmed following play-off results in March 2024. The update is also expected to include most official host venues, with the notable exception of Allianz Arena in Munich, which remains unconfirmed.

eEuro 2024 Tournament

The eEuro 2024 esports tournament, a collaborative effort between EA and UEFA, will debut next year. This competitive event will feature Europe’s top EA SPORTS FC players, representing UEFA national teams in a qualification phase leading up to a live final in the summer of 2024.

The integration of the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament into EA SPORTS FC 24 represents a significant milestone for football gaming enthusiasts. This update not only revitalizes a partnership with UEFA but also promises to enhance the gaming experience with authentic tournament elements and exciting new features.

With the anticipation of the Euro 2024 DLC, the gaming community eagerly awaits the chance to lead their favorite national teams to glory in a virtual setting. Furthermore, the introduction of the eEuro 2024 esports tournament adds an exciting competitive dimension, showcasing the prowess of Europe’s best EA SPORTS FC players. This update is a testament to EA’s commitment to delivering immersive and dynamic content to its audience, reinforcing FC 24’s position as a leading football gaming franchise.


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