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10 Underrated Players from EFL Championship To Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

FC 24 Career Mode is more than just a game; it’s a strategic simulation that puts you in the shoes of a football manager.

In this mode, the excitement lies not only in the matches but significantly in the art of scouting and nurturing talent. The EFL Championship, often overshadowed by more glamorous leagues, is a hidden gem for discovering future football stars. It’s a league where keen eyes can spot potential and mould it into greatness, all within the constraints of a budget.

As a manager in FC 24, your challenge is to sift through numerous players, identifying those with the potential to rise above their current standings. This process is more than just looking at stats; it’s about predicting which players can develop skills that will benefit your team in the long run. The EFL Championship, with its blend of young, raw talent and seasoned players, provides a perfect testing ground for your scouting abilities.

This article goes beyond the surface, highlighting ten underrated players from the Championship. Each of these players carries the potential to be a game-changer in your FC 24 Career Mode. They are not just players; they are investments in your team’s future, offering a blend of skill, potential, and affordability that is hard to find elsewhere.

1. Diogo Pinheiro Monteiro (Leeds United)

Position: CB
Age: 18
Overall Rating: 60
Potential: 81
Value: €750K
Wage: €2K

At just 18, Diogo Monteiro from Leeds United stands out with his impressive defensive skills. With a height of 184cm, he brings physical presence to the backline. His potential rating of 81 promises a steady development, making him an asset for teams focusing on a strong defense. His current market value of €750K is a bargain for a player with such prospects.

2. Samuel Edozie (Southampton)

Position: LW, LM, RW
Age: 20
Overall Rating: 67
Potential: 82
Value: €2.5M
Wage: €12K

Samuel Edozie is a versatile winger with an eye for goal. His quick feet and dribbling skills, complemented by an overall rating of 67 and potential of 82, make him an exciting prospect for any FC 24 Career Mode team. At €2.5M, Edozie offers a blend of skill and potential that’s hard to come by, making him a valuable addition for teams looking to boost their attacking options.

3. Thimothée Lo-Tutala (Hull City)

Position: GK
Age: 20
Overall Rating: 63
Potential: 80
Value: €1.1M
Wage: €2K

Lo-Tutala is a promising goalkeeper with a solid foundation to build upon. His commanding presence in the goal, coupled with a potential of 80, makes him a secure investment for the future. With a value of €1.1M, he represents an opportunity for clubs to nurture a goalkeeper who can grow into a top player in the game.

4. Yáser Martínez (Watford)

Position: RW, CAM
Age: 19
Overall Rating: 68
Potential: 80
Value: €2.9M
Wage: €9K

Asprilla Martínez stands out for his creativity and agility on the field. With a potential of 80 and an overall rating of 68, he is an excellent choice for managers looking for a dynamic and impactful winger or attacking midfielder. His current market value of €2.9M reflects his high ceiling and ability to change games.

5. Dennis Cirkin (Sunderland)

Position: LB, CB
Age: 21
Overall Rating: 68
Potential: 80
Value: €2.8M
Wage: €9K

Dennis Cirkin is a versatile defender known for his defensive awareness and ability to adapt to different positions on the backline. With an overall rating of 68 and a potential of 80, Cirkin is a smart pick for teams looking for a reliable defender who can contribute both defensively and offensively.

6. Tom Cannon (Leicester City)

Position: ST
Age: 20
Overall Rating: 69
Potential: 80
Value: €3.1M
Wage: €16K

Tom Cannon from Leicester City is a striker with a keen eye for goal. Boasting a 69 overall rating and an impressive 80 potential, Cannon is an ideal pick for teams needing a sharpshooter up front. His high work rate and finishing skills make him worth the €3.1M investment, promising a significant return as he develops.

7. Sékou Mara (Southampton)

Position: ST
Age: 20
Overall Rating: 70
Potential: 80
Value: €3.5M
Wage: €19K

Sékou Mara, a talented striker, combines physicality with skill. His 70 overall rating and 80 potential make him a formidable presence in the attacking third. Priced at €3.5M, Mara is a great addition for teams looking to add depth and potential in their striking options.

8. Sinclair Armstrong (Queens Park Rangers)

Position: ST, LW
Age: 20
Overall Rating: 63
Potential: 80
Value: €1.3M
Wage: €3K

Sinclair Armstrong is a versatile forward known for his blistering pace and strength. With a potential of 80, Armstrong is a hidden gem at €1.3M, offering a unique blend of speed and power that can be pivotal in matches.

9. Kian Best (Preston North End)

Position: LWB, LB, CB
Age: 17
Overall Rating: 64
Potential: 81
Value: €1.4M
Wage: €500

Kian Best is a young, versatile defender with impressive crossing and defensive abilities. His 81 potential signals a bright future, and with a value of €1.4M, he represents an excellent investment for clubs looking for a multi-position defender.

10. Felipe Rodríguez-Gentile (Preston North End)

Position: ST
Age: 16
Overall Rating: 57
Potential: 81
Value: €525K
Wage: €1K

Felipe Rodríguez-Gentile is a youthful striker known for his agility and balance. Despite his initial 57 rating, his potential of 81 is indicative of significant growth. With a market value of just €525K, Rodríguez-Gentile is an absolute steal for clubs looking to develop a future star.

In FC 24 Career Mode, investing in underrated players from the EFL Championship can be a strategic move. These ten players not only offer great potential for growth but also come with an affordable price tag.

By focusing on these talents, managers can build a robust and dynamic team, capable of competing at the highest levels in the virtual football world. Remember, the key to success lies in identifying and nurturing hidden gems like these. It’s a journey that tests your strategic planning and rewards your insight, making every season in FC 24 Career Mode an adventure in team building and player development.

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