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FAI eSports Cup: New Era for Irish EA Sports FC 24 Gamers

The eSports landscape in Ireland takes a significant leap forward with the launch of the FAI eSports Cup, specifically designed for players of the newly popular EA Sports FC 24.

In a thrilling development for Irish gaming enthusiasts, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), in partnership with Virgin Media, has announced this exciting competition, catering to the burgeoning community of virtual football players. This tournament not only promises high-octane gaming action but also a platform for Irish players to showcase their skills in the digital arena.

This inaugural event marks a new chapter in Ireland’s eSports narrative, tapping into the immense popularity of EA Sports FC 24. A game that has quickly found its way into the hearts and consoles of Irish gamers, setting the stage for a national competition of this scale.

Launch and Eligibility of the FAI eSports Cup

The FAI eSports Cup, a collaborative venture between the Football Association of Ireland and Virgin Media, brings an unprecedented opportunity for Irish EA Sports FC 24 players.


Recognized as a significant event in the eSports calendar, it has garnered attention from some of the best eSports bookmaker like gg.bet, reflecting the growing interest in competitive gaming betting markets. This national competition is set to ignite the competitive spirit of gamers across the country, offering a new dimension to the Irish eSports scene.

Open to all FC 24 players over the age of 16 residing in the Republic of Ireland, the tournament is started on Monday, January 15th. This inclusivity ensures a wide participation base, offering a chance for both seasoned and emerging gamers to prove their mettle.

Tournament Format and Rules

Structured to test the skills and strategies of participants, the FAI eSports Cup comprises four tournaments, leading to an overall leaderboard ranking. Players’ performances in each tournament contribute to their standing on this leaderboard, culminating in a playoff among the top 8 players. The final showdown will feature the top 4 players in the country that will battle for the title of the best FC 24 Irish player.


The tournament adheres to a single-elimination format in FUT Friendlies with tactical defending, emphasizing skill and strategy. Each match is set for a half-length of 6 minutes, providing a quick-paced and intense gaming experience. Notably, the competition is exclusive to PlayStation 5 users, ensuring a uniform platform for all participants.

Virgin Media’s Role

Virgin Media steps into the spotlight as the title sponsor of the FAI’s eSports programme. This two-year agreement encompasses the ELOI, eNational Team, and the newly launched EFAI Cup, significantly bolstering Virgin Media’s involvement in Irish eSports.

Scheduled to run from February to April 2024, the Virgin Media ELOI will feature 20 men’s League of Ireland clubs in a group format, with the top teams advancing to a live final. The winner of this tournament secures a coveted spot in the eChampions League Group Stage and a Play-Off for the FC Pro World Championship.

Significance and Opportunities

The FAI’s foray into eSports is a testament to the industry’s explosive growth and its soaring popularity in Ireland. With approximately two million gamers and 700,000 eSports enthusiasts in the country, this initiative taps into a significant market segment. The FAI’s eSports programme aims to attract and engage a younger demographic of football fans, creating a new stream of participation and support.

For participants, the FAI eSports Cup presents an unparalleled opportunity. Not only does it offer a platform for gamers to compete and showcase their abilities, but it also opens doors to national recognition and the possibility of advancing to prestigious international eSports events.

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The FAI eSports Cup marks a significant milestone in the Irish eSports scene. It encapsulates the evolving landscape of digital sports and gaming, offering a competitive and exciting environment for EA Sports FC 24 enthusiasts. As registrations open and the tournament date approaches, Irish gamers are encouraged to seize this opportunity to shine in the national spotlight. With the backing of institutions like the FAI and Virgin Media, the future of eSports in Ireland looks brighter and more thrilling than ever.

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