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10 Underrated Wonderkids To Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

In FC 24, it’s easy to focus on the big names and high-rated young stars. However, the game is also full of hidden gems—underrated wonderkids with immense potential, waiting for the right opportunity to shine.

These young players might not be the first to catch your eye, but they have the skills and growth potential to become future stars. Whether you’re managing a top-tier club or building a team from scratch, investing in these talents can bring significant rewards.

Let’s take a closer look at ten of these promising wonderkids, highlighting their strengths, development prospects, and the roles they can play on the pitch. These players can provide the boost needed to achieve success in your journey as a virtual manager.

1. Álex Jiménez

Álex Jiménez is a versatile full-back who excels on both flanks. Despite his modest 64 overall rating (OVR), his exceptional pace (84 Acceleration, 81 Sprint Speed) and agility (77) make him a formidable defender. With a high potential of 84, the Spaniard is an excellent long-term investment for teams needing a dynamic, speedy full-back.

2. Bastien Meupiyou

The French defender stands out with his impressive physical presence at 6’3″. His defensive capabilities, such as 69 Standing Tackle and 68 Sliding Tackle, combined with good strength (68), make him a reliable center-back. His potential of 84 indicates significant room for growth from his current 61 OVR, especially in defensive roles.

3. Lennon Miller

Lennon Miller is a central midfielder known for his stamina (74) and passing skills (69 Short Passing, 68 Long Passing). With an overall rating of 64 and balanced attributes across the board, he offers reliability in the midfield of a small team. The Scotsman’s 84 potential ensures that he can develop into a well-rounded midfielder over time.

4. Nestory Irankunda

Next up we have the Australian wonderkid, Nestory Irankunda. The talented wide midfielder is a speedster with remarkable acceleration (95) and sprint speed (91). His playstyles, including Power Shot and Rapid, make him a constant threat on the wings.

His agility (88) and shot power (87) further enhance his ability to break down defenses and create scoring opportunities. With a base OVR of 66 and a potential of 85, he is bound to become a star in FC 24 Career Mode if played properly.

5. Valentín Carboni

Valentín Carboni is a versatile Argentinian attacker capable of playing in multiple positions. His strong passing abilities (70 Short Passing, 69 Long Passing) and dribbling skills (65) make him an asset in creative roles. Starting with a 64 overall rating and with a potential of 84, he has the room to develop into a key playmaker for any team in the game.

6. Momodou Sonko

Momodou Sonko is an agile forward with excellent balance (83) and acceleration (82). His dribbling (68) and finishing (62) abilities highlight his potential as a potent winger or striker. His high work rate (High/Medium) ensures he remains active on the field, contributing both offensively and defensively.

With a 63 OVR and 84 potential, the Swedish wonderkid is an amazing investment, as he is currently valued at just $1.7M in FC 24 Career Mode.

 7. Jayden Addai

One of the most promising talents from the Netherlands is Jayden Addai. He is a dynamic right winger with notable acceleration (89) and agility (79). His dribbling (71) and ball control (66) make him adept at taking on defenders.

His playstyles, such as Technical and Quick Step, enhance his ability to maneuver through tight spaces and create scoring opportunities. While he is just 65-rated in-game, he has an outstanding 84 potential in Career Mode!

8. Antal Yaakobishvili

Hungary has been developing lots of talented footballers in recent years, and one recent prospect is Antal Yaakobishvili. He is a commanding center-back with strong defensive stats (64 Defensive Awareness, 64 Standing Tackle) for a small club.

His height (6’4″) and strength (76) make him a dominant force in aerial duels. With his potential set at 84, he is poised to become a cornerstone of any defense.

9. Santiago López

Santiago López is a versatile forward from Argentina with excellent finishing (70) and speed (80 Sprint Speed). His agility (78) and shot power (66) make him a constant threat in front of goal. His high 85 potential ensures he can develop into a prolific goal scorer.

With a 64 overall rating, he has a lot of room to grow into a proper world-class player.

10. Sverre Nypan

Sverre Halseth Nypan is a creative midfielder with solid dribbling (68) and balance (86). His skill moves (4) and weak foot (4) ratings make the Norwegian youngster versatile in attack. Despite the 64 rating, the 16-year-old has a potential of 85, and he is a promising prospect for any team looking for a future star in midfield or attack.

These wonderkids in FC 24 offer incredible potential and can be valuable assets to any team with the right development and game time. Keep an eye on these young talents as they rise through the ranks to become football’s next big stars.

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