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FC 24 Clubs: What Has Actually Changed?

Don’t know what’s new in FC 24 Clubs? Then we got you covered in this article.

Formerly known as Pro Clubs, the Clubs game mode in FC 24 Clubs offers an engaging online platform similar to EnergyCasino for football aficionados to create a Virtual Pro player and compete alongside friends. As players delve into matches in Clubs or Volta Football, they can earn Skill Points to hone their player attributes, and eventually form or join clubs to vie for glory in the Clubs League.

Every season presents new opportunities to ascend through league divisions, culminating in the thrilling Playoffs. With recent updates including crossplay and a revamped league season format, FC 24 Clubs promises a rich, competitive, and social gaming experience for all involved. Let’s dive in to all the details of this much beloved game mode.


There are numerous additions and improvements to the mode in FC 24, starting with generation-specific crossplay compatibility—meaning PS4 and Xbox One players can play together, as can PS5 and Xbox Series X players. (Volta mode gets the same generation-specific crossplay compatibility.)

New League Format

The Clubs League Seasons format is getting a major change, as the developers have structured the season into two different components: League Phase and Playoff Phase.

While playing the League Phase, teams go through their standard matches, aiming to collect as many points as possible and progress within divisions. After reaching the points needed, promotion matches will become available. Then, you must win a specific number of upcoming games to secure promotion to the next division.

Relegation won’t be an issue, meaning losses or even draws won’t have the same impact as in past games. Instead, League Seasons will reset every six weeks since the launch of the game, giving rewards depending on your club’s division. Some clubs may be moved down a certain number of leagues as part of this reset depending on their performance.

When the season reaches its last week, the Playoff phase starts. Clubs are divided into groups according to their rank and compete to gather points and climb in the Playoff standings. If the teams are tied after 90 minutes, penalty shoot-outs will follow to determine the winner. Those who secure the highest positions in the table will receive better rewards for their club.

Club Identity

This is a new reputation system that tracks your club’s progress through the divisions, allowing you to gain fans. This will allow you to move on to bigger stadiums, use improved AI players, and obtain cosmetic enhancements. You will also have the chance to personalize your stadium, make use of animated TIFOs, and even showcase the trophies you have won by the side of the pitch. 

New Vanity Items

This year, Clubs is offering a lot more options to customize and personalize your player. This goes beyond just clothing, with additional features like tattoos also being introduced, providing you with greater freedom.


Clubs is also adopting PlayStyles this year, consistent with the approach used in other sections of EA Sports FC 24. Unlike Perks, which compensate for your player’s limitations, PlayStyles are crafted to boost your strengths, making you remarkable and a standout performer in specific areas of play.

In essence, FC 24 Clubs is not merely a game mode but a dynamic community where the fervor of football thrives, backed by a blend of competitive and social elements that enrich the player experience manifold.

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