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ePremier League 2023/24 – Everything You Need To Know

The ePremier League (ePL) is back for the 2023/24 season with some exciting new changes. This competition is a joint venture between the Premier League and Electronic Arts, where gamers get to play the EA SPORTS FC 24 representing Premier League clubs. It’s a big deal for football enthusiasts in the UK, who get a shot at winning some serious bragging rights, and a slice of the prize pool.

The big news for the 2023/24 season is the shift to the newly released EA Sports FC franchise, specifically the EA SPORTS FC 24 game. This new platform is expected to enhance the gaming experience with updated features, making the competition even more enjoyable for participants. This shift is seen as a significant stride in keeping the virtual league in sync with the exhilarating spirit of its real-world counterpart.

In the world of esports, ePremier League is a powerhouse, offering exhilarating virtual football experiences that rival the excitement of traditional soccer. With a rapidly growing fan base and competitive scene, it’s no surprise that FC esports betting has gained traction. However, to ensure a safe and enjoyable betting experience on websites like MerkurXtip, it’s crucial to navigate this realm wisely. 

How To Register?

Registration is open to UK residents aged 16 and over. Usually, players would sign up online, selecting their favorite Premier League club to represent in the competition. This phase is designed to spotlight local gaming talents, providing a stage for UK-based FC enthusiasts, offering them a platform to exhibit their skills and vie for glory while representing their cherished Premier League clubs.


The competition begins with online qualifications, where players compete to earn a spot in the live ePL Finals. After registration, a series of online tournaments will follow, with the best-of-the-best advancing to the Club Playoffs. During the Club Playoffs, each Premier League club will select two players, one for PS5 and one for Xbox X|S, to proceed to the Finals, competing in FC 24 Competitive Mode.

This format has been a staple of the competition, allowing a broad range of players to compete for a chance to make it to the live event.

Image: Premier League


Come January 2024, The ePL is shaking things up this season with a two-weekend final structure. This change will likely make the finals more intense, giving players more time to strategize and adapt to their opponents. It’s a fresh twist that’s bound to add some extra drama to the competition.

Initially, the group stages will take place on 20 and 21 January, determining the top four clubs for the Grand Final. The remaining teams will have another opportunity to prove their mettle on 23 March, all leading to the Grand Final clash on 24 March. The finals will feature one player per console from each club, engaging in 1v1 matches against players from rival clubs.

Prize Pool

The stakes are high, as always, with a hefty £100,000 prize pool waiting to be claimed. This substantial reward mirrors the earnest competition and the high level of skill required to emerge victoriously in the ePL. The prize pool not only underscores the league’s stature in the esports realm but also attracts a competitive field, ensuring that the battles on the virtual pitch are as thrilling as those on the real turf.

The winning duo will bag £30,000, the second-place finishers will receive £15,000, while the third and fourth place finishers will earn £7,500 each. Even teams down to the 16th place will get a slice of the prize money, ensuring a wide distribution of rewards for the competitors.

With a new game platform, an extended final structure, and the same high-stake prizes, the ePremier League 2023/24 season is shaping up to be a thrilling chapter in the competition’s history. Whether you’re a player or a fan, there’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming ePL season.

ePL is part of the FC Pro ecosystem as one of the League Partners that will send the winners to the FC Pro World Championship next year.

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