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Neerven Crowned FC 24 Polish Champion at PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games

Following the crowning of the French champions in the FC Pro circuit, Poland has also revealed who will represent them at the FC Pro World Championship.

The PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games concluded with a thrilling Grand Final in Warsaw, crowning Adam “Neerven” Marczak of Raków Częstochowa as the EA Sports FC 24 Polish Champion.

The event, held at the iconic Rotunda of PKO Bank Polski, marked a significant moment in the competitive gaming landscape in Poland, showcasing top-tier talent and high-stakes matches.

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A Surprising Start to the Competition

The tournament kicked off last Saturday, featuring twelve of the best competitors from across Poland. They were split into two groups of six, where unexpected turns highlighted the initial phase.

Notably, Miłosz “milosz93” Bogdanowski, a favorite who topped the main Pro phase, was eliminated early, demonstrating the unpredictable nature of competitive gaming.

In Group A, Maksymilian “Zalewskyy” Zalewski from Puszcza Niepołomice dominated by winning all his matches, setting a high bar for his competitors. Meanwhile, in Group B, Dominik “ipierug” Ostatek of Stal Mielec emerged as the top player, showcasing his skills and strategic prowess.

The Knockout Stage

Sunday brought a new single-elimination format to the competition, heightening the intensity as there was no room for error.

The quarterfinals began with a notable match between Puszcza Niepołomice and Jagiellonia Białystok, which ended in a victory for Kamil “Riptorek” Soszyński. Other players like “Dewidek” and “ipierug” also advanced, setting the stage for some exciting semi-finals.

The first semi-final was a nail-biter between “Riptorek” and “Dewidek”, ending in a dramatic 14-13 penalty shootout win for “Riptorek”. The second semi-final was a high-scoring affair with Adam “Neerven” Marczak playing a significant role in securing a victory, demonstrating his exceptional talent in his debut season.

The Grand Final Showdown

The final match was a face-off between last year’s champion, Kamil “Riptorek” Soszyński, and newcomer Adam “Neerven” Marczak.

Soszyński started strong, scoring within the first four minutes, but Marczak quickly turned the game around, leading by the end of the first half. The match continued with intense competition, with the lead changing hands multiple times.

In a breathtaking final play, “Neerven” executed a perfect counterattack, clinching the victory and the championship title.

The Future

Adam “Neerven” Marczak not only took home the trophy but also a cash prize of PLN 13,000 (EUR 3,000), various gifts from sponsors, and earned spots in the upcoming FC PRO World Championship and the eChampions League.

The podium was rounded out by Kamil “Riptorek” Soszyński and Dawid “Dewidek” Kamasiński, marking an end to a season filled with exceptional talent and unforgettable moments.

The PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games have once again proven to be a pivotal platform for showcasing and developing esports talent in Poland, setting the stage for what promises to be an exciting future in the digital sports arena.

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