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FC Lorient Takes Home the 2024 eLigue 1 Title

As the FC Pro season draws to a close, France has crowned their FC 24 champions!

The eLigue 1 Uber Eats Grand Final was a standout event that kept football fans on the edge of their seats. The fierce competition between FC Lorient and Olympique Lyonnais was full of intense moments, ending with FC Lorient lifting the trophy once again.

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The Final Showdown

The final was a testament to the skill and determination of both teams. Here’s how the matches played out:

Fouma started strong for FC Lorient, securing an early lead with his signature moves and tight gameplay, and won the match 2-1 despite a strong comeback effort from Leks in the second half.

The next game was crucial for both teams. After a tense match with no goals in regular time, it went to penalties. Dylo clinched the win for Olympique Lyonnais, making an impressive save that led to a 5-4 win on penalties.

Montaxer bounced back in the following match, overcoming early pressure from Leks. With the score tied, Montaxer scored in the last minute of extra time, winning 2-1 for FC Lorient.

The fourth game was a rollercoaster, with both players scoring back and forth. Dylo eventually took the win with a tight 4-3 score, showcasing some quick moves and sharp shooting.

Montaxer needed a win and he got it by turning the fifth game around in the second half, ultimately taking it 2-1 with a late goal.

Leks kept his team in the game by tying it up and then winning on penalties, 5-3, setting the stage for a decisive seventh match.

The final match was as tight as they come. Montaxer managed to secure a 2-1 victory, giving FC Lorient the championship after a series of intense exchanges and strategic plays.

After the Final Whistle

FC Lorient’s victory marks their fourth consecutive win at the eLigue 1 Uber Eats. Players Fouma and Montaxer not only defended their title from last season but also qualified for bigger tournaments ahead like the eChampions League and FC Pro World Championships.

Their opponents, OL eSports players Dylo and Leks, will also compete in the eChampions League, thanks to their strong performances throughout the tournament.

The grand prize for this year’s eLigue 1 was €60,000, underscoring the growing popularity and competitive level of eSports, particularly in football.

The eLigue 1 Grand Final was a showcase of top-level virtual football, with FC Lorient proving their dominance yet again. This tournament highlighted the skills and excitement of eSports, bringing the drama of football to screens around the world.

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