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How To Boost Your Coins in FC 24

With the release of EA SPORTS FC 24, a new Ultimate Team (UT) season commences as well, with millions of players returning to build their ultimate squads. In order to do so, gamers will need to start to learn and find ways to make coins in FC Ultimate Team.

Compared to FIFA 23, EA Sports has introduced some massive features in FC 24 Ultimate Team, such as PlayStyles, Evolutions and for the first time in the series, Women’s Football. The introduction of women players in Ultimate Team has expanded the pool of players with a variety of new high-rated players, including women Icons such as Mia Hamm and Heroes such as Alex Scott.

All these changes also come with new opportunities to make coins and below you can find a few tips on how to increase the value of your club in FC 24.

Where To Start

A commonly overlooked aspect among many newcomers is the tradable nature of the badges and kits you choose at the outset of your Ultimate Team adventure. Instead of automatically selecting the kit of your favorite team, it’s worth adopting a more strategic stance. Aim for kits that are likely to cost more in the market.

For example, even if you’re a massive Burnley fan, choosing PSG or Barcelona kits might be a smarter move. Why? Kits from highly coveted clubs usually carry heftier price tags. By opting for nadges and kits from football powerhouses like Real Madrid, Manchester United, or Barcelona, you set yourself up to swiftly accumulate capital.

Furthermore, the players you receive in your starter pack are not usually the best to confidently move through the UT division system and to strengthen your club squad, you need FC 24 coins, which you can grind during multiple matches, or buy FC 24 coins SkyCoach to quickly increase your squad and progress through the ranks.

Playing Division Rivals

In FC 24 Ultimate Team online mode, players are placed in divisions based on initial matches, promoting competition and growth. Initial wins, losses, and draws determine your division, but moving up is encouraged as each match earns FC 24 coins to enhance your squad and strategy.

Weekly matches in your division contribute to a points system; accumulating 1250 points grants access to weekend tournament qualifiers. Here, despite the outcome, playing matches earns pack rewards to strengthen your squad.

The FC 24 Champions is the sole qualification stage for the Weekend League, requiring players to amass 1250 points from division matches. In this qualification, players engage in 10 fights against random opponents from any division, striving for at least 4 victories to advance. Although draws aren’t allowed, persistence can yield gold cards and packs as consolation, while advancing rewards significantly more.

The main event is the Weekend League, accessed by achieving 4 wins in FC 24 Champions. It expands to 20 matches with various milestones, rewarding players with FC 24 coins and player cards regardless of the outcome. Continuous effort, practice, and good players contribute to better results and readiness for subsequent stages.

Squad Battles

For those who prefer offline play, coins can still be earned by engaging in offline modes such as Squad Battles. In Squad Battles, players face off against real teams controlled by AI at a difficulty level of their choice.

More points are earned for playing and winning on higher difficulty levels. It’s advisable to play on a difficulty level where a player can win by five or more goals as scoring five goals triggers the highest point bonus possible.

The aim in Squad Battles is to earn more points in 32 weekly matches than other competitors. A leaderboard ranks players and rewards them with packs and FC 24 coins based on their placement, which can massively improve your club and squad status.

Ultimate Team Drafts

Ultimate Drafts can be played either online or offline, with better rewards for playing against human opponents as opposed to AI. Increasing tiers of rewards are received for each win, up to a maximum of four wins in a row.

Winning the four matches awards tradable packs containing players and consumables that can be sold on the transfer market.


Trading involves buying low-priced players and selling them at a higher price, taking advantage of market fluctuations. A common trading method is the Bronze pack method, where players buy Premium Bronze Packs from the store for 750 coins each and use the contents to make a profit.

Players can also invest in the Transfer Market by buying cards low early in the week and selling them later in the week when others are building teams for the Weekend League, or by buying cards that might increase in value due to various factors such as the release of a Special Promo Card or a newly released Evolution.


In FC 24 Ultimate Team’s Moments Mode, players can earn coins by completing in-game challenges to earn Stars, which are then redeemable for rewards like FC 24 coins, packs, or loan player items.

Players can also earn a bonus number of Stars by completing all Moments in a chapter. Additionally, there’s a ‘Milestones’ tab with more opportunities to earn rewards, and players can potentially earn a 100k Jumbo Rare Players Pack by completing certain challenges in the Moments game mode.

Complete Objectives and SBCs

In FC 24 Ultimate Team, players can earn rewards through Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives to either directly or indirectly accumulate coins. SBCs require players to form and submit squads meeting certain criteria to earn rewards like player items, packs, or coins, which if tradeable, can be sold for coins.

On the other hand, Objectives entail completing tasks like scoring goals to earn various rewards. Players can earn coins directly from objectives or by selling tradeable items obtained from them. Both modes are instrumental in building a superior team by either earning or selling rewards for FC 24 coins.

By exploring these methods and finding what works best for them, players can rack up coins in FC 24 Ultimate Team to enhance their gaming experience.


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