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Newell’s Crowned Champions of the eLPF VISA 2024

In a captivating showdown at the eLPF VISA 2024, Newell’s emerged victorious over Talleres, securing their title as the new Argentine champions of EA SPORTS FC 24.

This triumph not only marked a significant achievement for Ezequiel Correa, the team’s standout player, but also earned him a coveted spot at the FC Pro World Championship in Riyadh this summer.

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Journey to the Championship

The final stages of the eLPF VISA 2024 were intense. On the road to the final, Ezequiel Correa demonstrated his seasoned skills by defeating Cristian Gimenez of Belgrano with a decisive 8-3 victory in the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, Lautaro Carletti secured his spot in the final by overcoming Facundo Cowen of Argentinos Juniors in a thrilling 7-5 match.

The semi-final victories set the stage for a final that would not disappoint. The matches were characterized by tactical gameplay and moments of sheer brilliance, including a pivotal red card incident that shifted the momentum to Newell’s favor in the final’s crucial moments.

A Riveting Final Match

The grand final was nothing short of dramatic, with both teams delivering a stellar performance that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Ezequiel Correa led Newell’s to an 8-6 victory against Lautaro Carletti of Talleres in a tense and closely contested match.

This victory was not just about the score but also a story of resilience and strategic prowess, as Correa navigated the highs and lows of the game expertly.

The Prize and Beyond

Ezequiel Correa’s victory not only brought him the championship title but also a significant prize of ARS 1,500,000 (USD 1,700).

More importantly, it secured his place to represent Argentina in the global arena at the FC Pro World Championship, offering him a chance to compete against the winners of other FC Pro Leagues such as eLigue 1 or PKO BP Ekstraklasa Games.

Reflecting on the Tournament

Reflecting on his victory, Ezequiel Correa shared his joy and dedicated his win to his father, who has supported him throughout his esports career. He noted the significant impact of the red card in the final match, which played a crucial role in their win, showing how every moment counts in competitive gaming.

The eLPF VISA 2024 not only celebrated the skill and dedication of its players but also highlighted the vibrant esports scene in Argentina.

With Newell’s taking home the championship and the anticipation of Ezequiel Correa’s participation in the FC Pro World Championship, the event has set the stage for more thrilling esports action in the future.

Fans can look forward to next year’s league, which promises even more intense competition, as the teams vie not only for the championship title but also for a substantial prize pool.

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