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Black Friday Thunderstruck Promo LIVE in FC 24

With Black Friday upon us, EA FC 24 gears up for an electrifying event – the release of the Thunderstruck Promo, a fresh and dynamic addition to Ultimate Team. This exciting promotion is supported by the widely recognized FC 24 FUT Coins MMOexp, offering players a unique opportunity to enhance their gaming experience.

This promotion introduces a diverse mix of current stars and iconic players, each boasting a permanent player item upgrade with potential for further enhancements based on their real-life club performances.

Understanding the Upgrade Paths

The Thunderstruck Promo offers unique upgrade paths for different categories of players:

  • Men’s Path: Achieve one to three wins in the next four games for progressive In-Form (IF) Upgrades and Regular PlayStyles enhancements.
  • Women’s Path: Similar rewards, but based on the next three games.
  • Icon’s Path: Offers PlayStyle and Inform Upgrades based on the outcomes of the next four games.

Spotlight on the Thunderstruck Squad

Leading the lineup is Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho, with upgrades linked to FC Barcelona’s La Liga performance. Other notable players include Vinícius Júnior, Neymar, and Kadidiatou Diani, whose upgrades depend on their respective clubs’ domestic league successes.

The squad also features celebrated names like Johan Cruyff, Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona, and Ferenc Puskás, adding star power to the Thunderstruck team.

The Complete Thunderstruck Lineup

Here’s a complete overview at the full Thunderstruck squad, showcasing a blend of ICONs and current active players:

  • LW: Ronaldinho (ICON -Barcelona) – 94 OVR
  • CF: Johan Cruyff (ICON -Ajax) – 94 OVR
  • CF: Ferenc Puscas (ICON -Real Madrid) – 93 OVR
  • ST: Gerd Müller (ICON -Bayern Munich) – 93 OVR
  • ST: Thierry Henry (ICON -Arsenal) – 92 OVR
  • RWB: Cafu (ICON -Roma) – 92 OVR
  • CF: Eric Cantona (ICON -Manchester United) – 90 OVR
  • CAM: Kaka (ICON -AC Milan) – 90 OVR
  • CB: Alessandro Nesta (ICON -AC Milan) – 90 OVR
  • GK: Edwin van der Sar (ICON -Ajax) – 89 OVR
  • CM: Paul Scholes (ICON -Manchester United) – 89 OVR
  • CDM: Xabi Alonso (ICON -Real Madrid) – 88 OVR
  • LM: Robert Pires (ICON -Arsenal) – 88 OVR
  • LW: Vinícius Júnior (Real Madrid) – 90 OVR
  • CM: Bernardo Silva (Manchester City) – 90 OVR
  • ST: Marie Katoto (PSG) – 90 OVR
  • CAM: Neymar Jr (Al Hilal) – 90 OVR
  • CB: Raphael Varane (Manchester United) – 87 OVR
  • ST: Romelu Lukaku (Roma) – 87 OVR
  • ST: Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) – 86 OVR
  • LB: Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich) – 85 OVR
  • CM: Joelinton (Newcastle United) – 85 OVR
  • CB: Lukas Klostermann (RB Leipzig) – 85 OVR
  • RM: Juan Cuadrado (Juventus) – 85 OVR
  • RM: Luis Figo (ICON – Barcelona) – 90 OVR
  • CDM: Emre Can (Dortmund) – 85 OVR
  • LB: Kieran Tierney (Arsenal) – 84 OVR
  • CB: Bremer (Juventus) – 86 OVR

Note: The cards will be available in packs until December 1st, 2023.

Thunderstruck SBCs and Player Objectives: Beyond Packs

EA isn’t just about packs! Engage in various SBCs and Player Objectives to acquire Thunderstruck players. For instance, complete specific challenges for the Thunderstruck Frenkie De Jong (Barcelona, 88 OVR) or the Thunderstruck Icon Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool, 90 OVR).

Additionally, special objectives are set for players like Thunderstruck Ruben Loftus-Cheek (A.C. Milan, 86 OVR) that can be unlocked by completing the following tasks in FC 24:

  • Serie A Finisher: Score 10 goals using a player from the Serie A in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champions)
  • Space Creator: Assist three goals with Through Balls using an English player in Squad Battles matches on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champions)
  • Perfect Passer: Score and assist in three separate matches using players with min. 80 PAS in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champions)
  • Win 8: Win eight matches in Squad Battles on min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champions) while having min. three Serie A players in your Starting 11

Special Black Friday Releases

In line with the Black Friday celebrations, keep an eye out for Upgrade SBCs, themed packs, and Flash SBCs in Ultimate Team. Although rumors hint at potential Flash Evolutions, nothing has been confirmed yet in EA FC 24.

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