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FC 24: A New Frontier for Esports Enthusiasts

EA Sports recently launched FC24, the much-anticipated football game since they parted ways with the FIFA franchise. It’s fast becoming the new soccer gaming hub for esports enthusiasts.

The year 2022 marked the end of EA Sports’ partnership with FIFA, concluding the long-standing FIFA game series with FIFA 23 as its final installment. However, EA Sports continued to cater to their fan base’s demands despite the severed ties.

In September 2023, EA Sports announced the debut of FC 24 (Football Club 24), touted as the successor to FIFA 23. This new game introduces several changes, including enhanced graphics and the removal of FIFA’s logo and licenses, signifying a fresh direction for the franchise.

EA Sports still retains its rights to build the games with real clubs, teams, leagues, and stadiums. The FC 24 comes with even better quality than the former FIFA series, retaining realistic visuals and animations throughout the game.

The game has already sold millions of copies and has quickly gained fans in the esports scene. In response to its growing popularity, a new ecosystem has been established in esports to support professional gaming competitions on a global scale.

EA FC 24 Esports Tournaments

Following the release of FC 24, EA Sports has launched FC Pro, an international competition program that involves EA FC players in 1v1 battles. This pro competition is divided into two circuits: the FC Pro Open and the FC Pro Leagues.

The FC Pro Open will feature competitors from ten regions, with top performers advancing to the prestigious FC Pro World Championship. This segment of the competition began in October and will continue until February 2024, offering a prize pool of $500,000.

Scheduled to commence in June 2024, the FC Pro World Championship will feature thirty-two players. This lineup includes four players from the FC Pro Open and twenty-eight from the Pro Leagues. Competitors in this tournament vie for a $1 million prize pool and the honor of becoming the inaugural champion of the new EA Sports FC franchise.

EA FC 24 Esports Teams

In the FC esports tournaments, the participating teams are well-established names in the scene, with the competition being organized by region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

For the North American region, notable teams include DC United, Philadelphia Union, Atlanta United, Orlando City SC, and the Vancouver Whitecaps, among others.

In South America, contenders like MGCF eSports, R10 Team, Tuzzy E-Sports, and SPQR Academy are set to compete. Europe boasts a strong lineup with teams such as RBLZ Gaming, TG.NIP, Manchester City Esports, AFC Ajax Esports, Team FUTWIZ, and SAF, along with many others.

Asia Pacific will feature teams like Dire Wolves, Melbourne City Esports, and JDT | GBX Esports. The Middle East and Africa region includes teams such as Goliath Gaming, Team Falcons, and ANKAA Esports, showcasing the global reach and diversity of the competition.

How To Win Rewards From FC 24 Esports

With the ongoing FC Pro Open tournament, fans of the football video game can follow their favorite esports teams and players in the competition. Here’s a list of the best esports betting sites on Tips.gg, complete with expert tips on the teams and matches to make the most winnings.

FC24 betting works pretty much like you’re betting on an actual football match. To bet on FC24, you need to know how competent your player is when it comes to using tactics and squad formation against an opponent.

You can bet on a team to win outrightly, you can predict and bet on the number of goals to be scored, and who’s likely to score first, among many others.

For tournaments that are in groups and knockout rounds, you can already predict and bet on what teams will advance to certain stages or win the whole competition. Each of the betting options you select will have its own odds, with the most unlikely events carrying higher wins. 

What’s The Future Of FC 24 Esports?

EA Sports is ambitiously spearheading the growth of the FC 24 esports landscape. With a dynamic start, they are already orchestrating seasonal competitions featuring top-tier teams globally. Following their split from FIFA, it’s anticipated that they will attract more prominent sponsors, enhancing the scale and quality of professional contests.

Moreover, the eChampions League is making a comeback, inviting players worldwide to compete online for a significant prize pool. Given the remarkable sales success of EA FC 24, it’s evident that we can expect further installments in this thriving franchise.


Esports is set to transform the football gaming landscape through the introduction of the FC Pro Open and Pro Leagues. This rapidly emerging discipline is gaining significant momentum, evidenced by the active participation of professional teams and the substantial prize pools provided by EA and their partners. Looking at it now, this will more than likely become the next major phenomenon in the eSports world.

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