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10 Underrated Copa América 2024 Talents To Try in FC 24 Career Mode

Copa América 2024 is a showcase of both seasoned veterans and emerging young talents who have the potential to become future stars in FC 24 Career Mode.

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Here’s a closer look at ten promising players from the tournament who can significantly boost your squad.

Ismaël Koné (Canada)

Breaking into the scene at Watford, Ismaël Koné is a central midfielder with a perfect blend of physical presence and technical ability. Standing tall at 6’2″, the 21-year-old has an overall rating of 71 with a potential of 80.

Valued at €4.2M and with a release clause of €8.8M, Koné’s high/medium work rate, combined with his 81 sprint speed and 74 short passing, makes him an excellent box-to-box midfielder.

Joseph Scally (United States)

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Joseph Scally brings versatility and defensive reliability to the pitch. At 20 years old, Scally has an overall rating of 74 and potential of 80, valued at €6M with an €11.4M release clause.

Known for his 83 sprint speed and 75 standing tackle, Scally is adept at playing both right wing-back and center-back, making him a flexible option for strengthening your defense.

Joel Ordóñez (Ecuador)

Joel Ordóñez, the young center-back from Club Brugge, has quickly made a name for himself with his robust defensive skills. At 19 years old, with an overall rating of 68 and potential of 80, he’s valued at €2.7M and has a €4.6M release clause.

His physicality, highlighted by 78 strength and 76 jumping, combined with a solid 69 defensive awareness, makes him a reliable defensive cornerstone.

Lucas Beraldo (Brazil)

Lucas Beraldo, now plying his trade at Paris Saint Germain, is a rising star in defense. Capable of playing both as a center-back and left-back, the 19-year-old boasts an overall rating of 75 and a potential of 86.

Valued at €11.5M with a €23.6M release clause, Beraldo’s defensive attributes, such as 78 standing tackle and 77 sliding tackle, paired with his passing ability, make him a valuable asset in any defensive line.

Valentín Carboni (Argentina)

On loan at Monza from Inter, Valentín Carboni is an exciting attacking midfielder who can also feature as a striker or right midfielder. At just 18 years old, he holds an overall rating of 64 and potential of 84, valued at €1.6M.

Carboni’s creative prowess is evident in his 70 short passing and 67 ball control, positioning him as a key player for unlocking defenses and driving offensive play.

Yunus Musah (United States)

Yunus Musah of AC Milan is known for his incredible pace and stamina. The 20-year-old midfielder has an overall rating of 75 and potential of 83, valued at €12.5M with a €23.8M release clause.

The American’s attributes include a blistering 90 sprint speed, 83 dribbling, and 90 stamina, making him an essential midfield dynamo capable of both defensive duties and attacking runs.

Kendry Páez (Ecuador)

At only 16, Ray Kendry Páez has already caught the eye at Independiente del Valle. With an overall rating of 71 and a potential of 87, valued at €4.7M, Páez stands out with his 82 agility, 81 sprint speed, and 74 short passing.

His flair and agility make him a formidable playmaker, ideal for driving forward and creating scoring opportunities.

Sávio (Brazil)

The next player on the list is the breakthrough star of Girona, Sávio, who is a winger that combines speed and technical skill. At 19, with an overall rating of 80 and potential of 88, the Brazilian is valued at €45.5M. Sávio’s 86 dribbling, 88 acceleration, and 87 sprint speed make him a lethal threat on the flanks, capable of breaking down defenses and setting up goals.

Ricardo Pepi (United States)

Great strikers are a rare find in FC 24 Career Mode, and Ricardo Pepi of PSV might be the next big thing in your save. At 20 years old, with an overall rating of 73 and potential of 83, Pepi is valued at €6.5M with a €10.4M release clause. His strengths include 80 finishing and 76 stamina, making him a consistent scoring threat and a crucial part of any attack.

Yáser Asprilla (Colombia)

Playing for the same club as Ismaël Koné, Yáser Asprilla is a versatile winger that combines pace and creativity on the pitch. At 19 years old, with an overall rating of 70 and potential of 81, he’s valued at €3.4M with a €7.1M release clause in FC 24 Career Mode.

His key attributes include 73 dribbling, 72 long passing, and 74 shot power, making him a dynamic player capable of impacting games from the wings or central positions.

Investing in these young talents from Copa América 2024 in FC 24 Career Mode will not only enhance your squad but also lay a strong foundation for long-term success as a manager.

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