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What’s Next in the FC Pro eSports Calendar?

As we step into 2024, the esports world is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming events in the FC Pro Calendar.

These events are not just about competition; they’re also about the community, skills, and the evolution of virtual sports. With the rise of online gaming, including free online slots and other digital entertainment, there’s more interest in virtual sports. Here’s a look at what we can expect in the world of esports football in the following weeks, without giving away too much about the exciting tournaments lined up.

FC Pro Open Final – February 3, 2024

The FC Pro Open Final, scheduled for February 3, 2024, promises to be a highlight. After 8 match weeks featuring 20 pro players, we are now down to the final 8 with the conclusion of the group stages. The grand final will be played in a knockout format, starting with quarter-finals.

The event boasts a $500,000 prize pool, and the top four players also secure a place in the FC Pro World Championships set to be played in June and an automatic invite for the next FC Pro Open season.

eMLS – Early February 2024

February 2024 will also see the start of the eMLS season. This event is a joint effort by Major League Soccer (MLS) and Electronic Arts (EA), focusing on the EA SPORTS FC game series. Anticipation is high for an expanded roster and a new schedule format in the 2024 season. The eMLS is not just about gaming; it’s a bridge connecting global audiences with MLS.

The competition is rumoured to have a $100,000 prize pool, and the best performers will participate in the FC Pro World Championship. The eMLS, part of the FC Pro League ecosystem, is a testament to the rising popularity of esports in the USA and globally, with increasing fan engagement and betting opportunities.

UEFA eEuro Group Stages – March 16, 2024

The UEFA eEuro 2024 Group Stages, starting on March 16th, 2024, promises to be a landmark event in esports. Over 50 UEFA national teams will participate, representing their countries in this elite tournament. With a substantial prize pool of $100,000, the competition invites EA Sports FC players from around Europe.

The tournament structure includes three phases, starting with National Qualifiers and culminating in the grand finale. Germany, the host nation, receives a direct invite to the Live Finals. This event, played in FC 24 Kick-off mode, signifies a new era in esports dedicated to national teams.

ePremier League Grand Final – March 24, 2024

The ePremier League Finals, set for March 24th, 2024, is where the excitement peaks. The Finals began with 20 Premier League clubs divided into four groups, competing fiercely for a spot in the quarter-finals. Manchester City, Brighton, Luton Town, and Liverpool have already secured their places, with the remaining teams getting another chance on March 23rd.

The ePremier League Finals feature two players per club, each competing on different gaming platforms. The prize pool of £100,000, along with a chance to advance to the UEFA eChampions League and the FC Pro World Championship, adds to the high stakes of this prestigious event.


As we look ahead to these events, it’s clear that 2024 will be a significant year for esports, particularly in virtual football. These tournaments are set to provide not only competitive excitement but also a chance to see how virtual football continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide.

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