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How to Get FC Founder Status in EA FC 24

Play EA Sports FC 24 as an FC Founder to unlock exclusive rewards, including Founder Badge, Evolutions, and Kits. Discover how and explore the perks waiting for you.

Embarking on the journey of playing EA Sports FC 24 unveils a realm of competition and rewards. Among the treasures is the FC Founder Status, a coveted badge of honor in this digital arena. This status puts you in a fancy club and gives you special rewards for your gaming journey. In this guide, we delve into the steps on how to become an FC founder and the perks awaiting you in EA Sports FC 24.

Overview of EA FC 24 and the Significance of Getting FC Founding Status

EA Sports FC 24 is a vibrant gaming universe, blending the thrills of football with a digital twist. Earning the FC Founder Status is akin to securing a VIP ticket to an exclusive football journey. With this status, players unlock a chest of exclusive rewards and a badge, elevating their gaming status and experience.

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How to get FC Founder Status in EA Sports FC 24

To earn the FC Founder Status, players need to play EA Sports FC 24 before a specific cut-off date. To become an FC Founder and unlock special benefits, players should play the game by 1 November 2023. These benefits include an exclusive badge and kit that shows their status for a long time. This timeline is echoed across various platforms with slight variations in detailing the process.

To simplify the process into a single step: play EA Sports FC 24 before November 1, 2023​​. To access FC 24’s Ultimate Team, players should go to the main menu by November 1st. Set up your club and squad, then play a squad battles game on any difficulty.

To become a FUT Founder in EA Sports FC 24, players need to play the whole game before specific times in different time zones. These times are November 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT; November 2, 2023, at 2:59 AM ET; November 2, 2023, at 6:59 AM GMT.

Once FC Founders achieve this status, they can enjoy exclusive benefits in EA Sports FC 24 and beyond. This makes playing the game early very rewarding.

The FC Founder Status shows players the way to a better gaming experience in EA Sports FC 24. It sets the stage for the future of EA Sports FC. More exclusive rewards and recognition could be created to honor early adopters and engaged players.

EA Sports FC 24 FC Founder Rewards

As an FC Founder in EA Sports FC 24, you get special rewards that make the game better and show that you supported it early. Here are the key rewards awaiting founder status players:

  • Founder Badge: The Founder Badge is a symbol of early support for EA Sports FC 24, distinguishing founders from the rest in the gaming community.
  • Founder Evolutions: The founders can unlock a special pack to upgrade a player by completing specific objectives.
  • Founder Kits: Founders receive Exclusive Founder Kits. These kits give them special XP Objectives and show their unique status on the pitch.
  • Founder XP Objectives: During certain seasons, players get special XP Objectives in their Founder Kits. These objectives help them earn extra XP for their seasonal progress.
  • Founder Stadium Vanity: The founders get special decorations for their stadiums. This shows their high status in EA Sports FC 24. Football fans may use online sports betting to enhance their passion and engagement with the game. This adds another dimension to the football experience beyond playing EA Sports FC 24.
  • Founder Erling Haaland Promo Card: The FC Founders package also comes with a free 87-rated special Erling Haaland card. The item will be awarded on December 10th to all FC Founders in Ultimate Team.


Securing FC Founder status in EA Sports FC 24 is a rewarding venture, offering a bounty of exclusive rewards. This unique status elevates the gaming experience and brings a sense of community and recognition among players. The range of rewards, from Founder Evolutions to exclusive kits and XP objectives, add layers of engagement, making the game more enthralling.

Additionally, the prospect of online sports betting offers a complementary thrill for football aficionados. EA Sports FC 24 is an exciting football game that combines both virtual and real-world elements. It offers a robust adventure that is worth exploring.

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