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What’s New in EA SPORTS FC Mobile?

The latest version of EA SPORTS FC Mobile has brought a fresh wave of features and improvements, making the football simulation more exciting and closer to real-life action.

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Visual Delights

A significant update is the enhanced rendering and visual fidelity. The game now has upgraded pitch grass color and better visuals for players as they dribble, run, and slide through the field​​.

The ambiance in the stadiums is more electrifying with upgraded crowds, banners, and flags. New lighting and lens flare effects add a cinematic feel to your gameplay, making your time on the pitch visually captivating.

Audio Enhancements

The game now comes with realistic stadium sound effects (SFX) and live on-field audio commentary. As you play, you’ll hear the crowd cheer, engage in team-specific chants, and react to the unfolding match through the voice of the Stadium Announcer​.

Gameplay Upgrades

The introduction of the Elite Shooting System and Impact Controls like Power Shot, Hard Tackle, and Knock-On has redefined the gameplay. These features aim to reflect real-life trajectories and reward smarter shooting decisions, making the game more engaging and challenging​.

The game speed has been dynamically tweaked to reflect the ebb and flow of a real football match. This, along with the True Player Personality feature, brings more authenticity to player characteristics and the overall gameplay experience​​.

Broadcast Experience

An Immersive Broadcast Experience has been incorporated, which includes a new dynamic gameplay camera, improved set piece cameras, and impactful replays. These features are designed to provide a broadcast-like experience to the players, enriching the visual appeal of the game.

UEFA Champions League

You can now create your own UEFA Champions League journey right from the Group Stages to the Final. This feature comes with fully authentic teams, a new broadcast package, and a thrilling trophy celebration, adding a fresh competitive layer to the game.


Locker Room Customizations

The Locker Room feature allows you to personalize your team’s appearance, from kits to boots. This level of customization helps your team stand out and adds a personal touch to your gaming experience​.

Progression System

A new training and ranking system has been introduced. This progression system unlocks each player’s potential using a customizable player point system, ensuring a rewarding progression for players as they advance through the game.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Besides these exciting features, there have been several bug fixes and improvements like fixing crashes, language-specific front-end issues, and better popup messaging during content updates.

Official Cover Athlete

The new season reveals Vini Jr. as the Official Cover Athlete, adding a fresh face to the game’s branding.

This year’s update indeed promises a more thrilling and visually appealing football gaming experience in your pocket. With realistic gameplay, audio-visual enhancements, and new competitive modes, EA SPORTS FC Mobile is set to provide endless entertainment to football enthusiasts around the globe.

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