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How to Defend in EA SPORTS FC 24

Unlock the secrets to impenetrable defense in FC 24 with this comprehensive guide. From mastering controls across platforms to understanding the nuances of positioning and squad selection, this article offers invaluable insights to keep your goal safe.

Mastering the art of defense is crucial for every EA SPORTS FC 24 enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding gamer, knowing how to defend can elevate your gameplay to new heights. Dive into our comprehensive guide and discover expert tactics, controls, and strategies that will make you a formidable opponent on the pitch!

Mastering EA SPORTS FC 24 Defense Controls

Defending effectively in EA SPORTS FC 24 requires mastering the various defense controls available on different consoles. Having a deep understanding of the right buttons to press and when to press them can make a world of difference in keeping opponents from scoring. This overview covers the key defending controls across platforms.

On PlayStation controllers, L2 is used for jockeying and containing opponents. Holding L2 while moving allows you to stay goal-side of attackers without fully committing to a tackle. R2 executes standing tackles, while circle performs sliding tackles. O is used for player switching when defending.

For Xbox controllers, LT is used for jockeying, RT for standing tackles, B for slides, and LB for player switching. Mastering when to hold LT versus going in for a tackle with RT is crucial. Timed standing tackles executed properly can dispossess opponents without giving away fouls.

On PC, LT on an Xbox controller or L2 on a DualShock controller function the same as on consoles. The mouse can also be used for player switching when defending by hovering over and clicking the player you want to control. Standing tackles are executed with RT on Xbox controllers or R2 on PlayStation controllers.

Regardless of platform, being able to quickly switch between defenders while jockeying, contain, and tackling at the right times will help shut down opposing attacks. Defense in EA SPORTS FC 24 is about more than just buttons, though. It requires great positioning and strategy as well.

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Change Player Controls

Being able to switch quickly between defenders is critical in EA SPORTS FC 24. On consoles, LB or L1 allows you to switch to players closest to the ball. The right stick can also be used to select specific players further from the ball. Mastering these controls allows you to take control of defenders in the best position to contain the attack. Hesitating for even a moment can create openings in your defense for opponents to exploit.

Tackle Controls

Executing standing and sliding tackles at the right time is an art in EA SPORTS FC 24. R2 and O perform standing and sliding tackles, respectively. Though extremely effective for winning the ball back, mistimed tackles can lead to fouls, cards, and exposed defense. Only go in for a tackle when you’re confident you can make contact with the ball first. Otherwise, jockeying to contain is safer.

Jockey and Contain Controls

L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox allows you to jockey in close proximity to opposing ball carriers. This lets you mirror their movements while limiting spaces for them to advance into. Jockeying buys time for help defense to arrive and contain attacks. Expert jockeying skills help defend patiently rather than rushing into tackles.

The Best Squads for Defence in EA SPORTS FC 24

Building your squad with the right defensive personnel can make playing defense much easier in EA SPORTS FC 24. Certain attributes allow players to excel at key defensive duties like pressing, tackling, jockeying, and cutting off passing lanes. Focus on these key attributes when evaluating defenders:

PAC Attribute

Pace allows defenders to keep up with speedy attackers when jockeying and containing. Fast center backs and fullbacks prevent opponents from blowing by them into open space. High pace defenders can recover quickly after being pulled out of position.

Role of Midfielders in Defence

Central defensive midfielders act as shields just ahead of the backline. They sweep up through balls and win possession back via standing tackles. Look for midfielders with high defensive attributes to dominate this space.

Key Attributes for Defending

Standout defenders possess high values in DEF for tackling ability, PAC to match attacker speed, PHY to win physical battles, and HEA to win aerial duels. Fullbacks need STA to run all game. High awareness, positioning, aggression, and strength also contribute.

Choosing the Best Defensive Formation in EA SPORTS FC 24

The number of natural defenders and their positioning in a formation drastically impacts defensive solidity in EA SPORTS FC 24. More defenders bring greater security at the risk of lacking attack. Here’s how squad setup influences defense:

Impact of Defensive Players on Performance

Fielding four defenders creates a solid base in the backline. Five defenders offer even more cover but can lack width in attack. Three fast CBs can work in certain formations. In general, more true defenders results in fewer goals conceded.

Effective Use of Defensive Options

Standing tackles are ideal when you’re positioned square to the ball carrier and can win the ball cleanly. Sliding tackles cover more ground quickly but carry greater risk. Save sliding tackles as a last resort recovery method. Containing and jockeying buys time for help.
Advanced Defending Techniques & Tactics in EA SPORTS FC 24

Advanced Defending Techniques & Tactics in FC 24

Let’s take a deeper look at some more sophisticated elements of defending successfully in FC 24 against skilled opponents:

Importance of Positioning  

Always try to position defenders goal-side of attackers to cut off shooting angles. Don’t overcommit or get pulled out of position. Patience and reading play is key. Keep your defensive shape compact, particularly centrally to limit chances.

Blocking Shots and Stand Tackling

Blocking shots is an underrated skill. Time jump blocks by moving toward the ball right as the opponent strikes it. Stand tackles executed properly can dispossess attackers without fouling. Use contain then LT plus RT to tackle at the perfect moment.

Conclusion: Mastering Defense in EA SPORTS FC 24

Defending in EA SPORTS FC 24 involves mastering controls, applying effective tactics, and building squads with solid defensive attributes. With the right strategy, personnel, and controls, you’ll be on your way to keeping clean sheets and becoming a defensive stalwart in EA SPORTS FC 24.

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