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FC 24: Game Modes Explained

EA SPORTS is a name synonymous with sports gaming, and their latest venture, EA SPORTS FC 24, is no exception. This fresh installment not only carries the legacy of the FIFA franchise but propels it into a new era with the birth of the EA SPORTS FC franchise.

The game is packed with a plethora of game modes that cater to a broad spectrum of football enthusiasts, whether you are a solitary player or one who thrives in multiplayer scenarios. The blend of traditional modes with several new and refined features keeps the gameplay engaging and invigorating.

From the ever-popular Ultimate Team mode, now with the inclusion of women’s teams and new Icon and Hero cards, to the deeply immersive Career mode, the game promises an enriching football experience. Furthermore, the introduction of new match types and customization options in tournaments brings a fresh wave of excitement to the players.

EA SPORTS FC 24 offers a variety of game modes to cater to different playstyles and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the game modes available in EA SPORTS FC 24:


This is a mode where players can either compete alone against the AI or with friends in local co-op, with access to all licensed teams. It offers different sub-categories including “House Rules,” “VOLTA,” “UEFA Champions League,” “CONMEBOL Libertadores,” “Home & Away,” and “Best-of Series” for a customized gaming experience​​.

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Skill Games

This mode is designed for beginners, teaching the basics of gameplay like passing, shooting, dribbling, defending, and goalkeeping. Players are able to control the best players from their favorite teams in various positions​.

Training Arena

An extension of Skill Games, here players can apply what they’ve learned in a 1v1 setup against the goalkeeper. This mode is ideal for practicing skills, free-kicks, and penalties in a pressure-free environment​.


Players can create custom tournaments or participate in licensed competitions. In custom tournaments, you have the freedom to set the number of teams, group and knockout formats, and select teams as per your preference​.

Career Mode

A beloved mode where players can embark on a career as either a player or a manager, dealing with transfers, training sessions, and contracts while navigating challenges to keep the board satisfied​. Engage in the managerial aspect of football, focusing on developing young players, managing finances, and leading your team to glory. Two sub-modes exist: Player Career and Manager Career:

  • Player Career: Create and customize your pro player, choose a club to start with, and build your career to reach new heights.
  • Manager Career: Learn the best tactical visions, choose the right coaches, and build up your squad effectively to succeed in your managerial journey​.

Online Friendlies

Compete against friends online in 1v1 matches with licensed teams, tallying goals and wins across the season to crown a champion​​.

Seasons or Co-op Seasons

An online mode where players start in Division 10 and aim to climb up to Division 1. In Co-op Seasons, players team up with a buddy and start in Division 5.

Clubs & VOLTA

Clubs formerly known as Pro Clubs allow up to 22 players to form clubs, design jerseys, and invite friends for chaotic fun. VOLTA, on the other hand, is a street football mode offering a distinct gameplay experience both offline and online​.

Ultimate Team

The most popular mode in EA FC 24, where players build their teams from scratch, acquiring players through cards. For the first time, EA FC 24 allows both men and women players in the same team in this mode. It offers various sub-modes like Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and Champions, each with different competition levels​.

Quick Play Modes

This section encompasses several modes like Friendlies, Tournaments, Skill Games, and PlayStation Tournaments, aimed at helping players learn the basic skills required to excel in FIFA​.

PlayStation Tournaments

Introduced in collaboration with Sony, this mode enables players to participate in online tournaments, with the opportunity to win real money in the form of FIFA Points​.

Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience, catering to different player preferences whether they enjoy single-player, multiplayer, competitive or casual gameplay​. Players new to the game might find the offline modes particularly useful to familiarize themselves with the game mechanics before diving into the more competitive online modes.

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