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Pro Player Techniques: 5 Skill Moves to Elevate Your EA SPORTS FC 24 Game

The launch of EA SPORTS FC 24 marks a significant milestone in football gaming. This game isn’t just a new name replacing FIFA; it’s a whole new playing field with updated features and gameplay mechanics.

One key element that continues to play a crucial role in this game is the use of skill moves. These moves are more than just fancy tricks; they’re essential for players who want to compete at a higher level, especially in the eSports scene.

In professional gaming tournaments, understanding and mastering these skill moves can make a significant difference. They offer strategic advantages, helping players outmaneuver opponents and score goals. In EA SPORTS FC 24, these moves have evolved, becoming more integrated into the game’s strategy and overall flow.

This article will explore the top 5 advanced skill moves in EA SPORTS FC 24. We’ll look at how to execute these moves and why they’re effective in both casual play and competitive eSports. Whether you’re looking to improve your gameplay or just want to learn some new tricks, these insights will help you enhance your skills in EA SPORTS FC 24.

Skill Moves in EA SPORTS FC 24

In the world of virtual football, as in the ever-evolving world of sports betting with the dynamic offerings of Verde Casino, staying ahead of the curve is key. In EA SPORTS FC 24, this means mastering skill moves, which are vital for gameplay success. These moves are not just about flair; they’re about strategy and skill, much like making informed choices in sports betting.

Readily Executable

The best skill moves are intuitive and can be performed seamlessly during intense gameplay. Complicated combos might look impressive, but if they’re too difficult to execute under pressure, their practical value decreases significantly.


A skill move needs to do more than just look good; it has to trick your opponent and give you an advantage. Whether it’s creating space for a pass or dodging a defender, the effectiveness of a move is measured by how well it helps you maintain control and advance in the game.

Visually Satisfying

Let’s not underestimate the power of a visually stunning move. In the world of eSports, where style can be as important as substance, pulling off a flashy move can be incredibly satisfying and even intimidating to opponents.

In EA SPORTS FC 24, these elements are more important than ever. With the game’s enhanced mechanics, players are expected to use skill moves thoughtfully and with precise timing. Gone are the days of mindless button mashing; in FC 24, your success with skill moves depends on your ability to read the game and execute moves at the perfect moment.

Top 5 Advanced Skill Moves in EA SPORTS FC 24

1. Drag Back Turn

The Drag Back Turn is a newcomer in the skill move arsenal but has quickly become a favorite. It strikes the perfect balance between being effective and easy to execute. Here’s how you do it: Hold L2 (or LT on Xbox) and flick the Right Stick backwards. What makes this move stand out is its simplicity and versatility.

You can use it anywhere on the pitch, in any direction, even during a full sprint. It’s excellent for creating space behind an approaching defender, setting up a pass or a shot on goal. Unlike some moves that require slowing down or specific angles, the Drag Back Turn can be seamlessly integrated into your play.

2. Ball Roll

The Ball Roll is a classic, yet it remains one of the most effective moves in EA SPORTS FC 24. To execute, simply press the right stick in the direction you want to roll the ball. Timing is crucial here; use it just as an opponent attempts a tackle, and you’ll glide past them with ease.

The longer you hold the stick in the direction, the longer the roll. Remember, it’s all about anticipation and precision. This two-star skill move may seem simple, but its effectiveness lies in its ability to help you dodge tackles and close in on the goal.

3. Shot Cancel

Shot Cancel is a clever way to outwit defenders and goalkeepers. Press the shot button (O on PlayStation, B on Xbox) and quickly follow with L2 and R2 (LT and RT on Xbox).

Although not a traditional skill move, its effectiveness is undeniable. It’s especially useful in one-on-one situations, allowing you to fake a shot and then take advantage of the defender’s or goalkeeper’s reaction. It requires no special skill rating, so every player on the field can use it, making it a versatile and powerful tool in your arsenal.

4. Standing Regular Elastico and Reverse Elastico

The Elastico, a classic skill move, has evolved into a deadly weapon in EA SPORTS FC 24. The standing variations – Regular and Reverse Elastico – are especially potent. Execute them by rotating the Right Stick clockwise for the Regular and anticlockwise for the Reverse.

Before performing, make your player stand still by tapping L1 (LB on Xbox) or doing a standing fake shot. This move is fantastic for one-on-one scenarios, allowing you to quickly change direction and throw off defenders. It’s a pro favorite, combining visual flair with high effectiveness.

5. Step Overs

Topping our list are the Step Overs. Simple yet highly effective, this move can be performed by any outfield player. Rotate the Right Stick upwards and then to the left or right 90°.

Best used when advancing with the ball, Step Overs can create speed boosts and disorient defenders, opening up opportunities for a strike. It’s not just about the movement; timing this skill right can be a game-changer, making it a must-learn for any serious EA SPORTS FC 24 player.

Skill Moves in eSports

In the world of professional eSports, these skill moves are not just fancy tricks; they are essential tools that can make or break a game. Top players master these moves to outmaneuver opponents, creating opportunities and maintaining control under high-pressure tournament conditions. In eSports, where precision and strategy are paramount, knowing when and how to use these moves can be the difference between winning and losing.

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EA SPORTS FC 24 New Features

EA SPORTS FC 24 isn’t just a new installment in a long-running series; it’s a significant leap forward in football gaming. The game is packed with fresh features and significant improvements, ensuring a more immersive and realistic experience.

Cross-Play Feature

One of the most anticipated updates is the cross-play feature. This allows players from different gaming platforms to team up and compete against each other in online multiplayer modes. It’s a game-changer, breaking down barriers and uniting the gaming community like never before.

Inclusion of Women’s Football in Ultimate Team

A major stride forward is the integration of Women’s Football into the Ultimate Team mode. With six new leagues and a significant expansion of the player pool, it opens up new squad building possibilities and adds diversity to the gameplay.

New Technologies

  • HyperMotionV Technology: Exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, this technology uses real-world football data to enhance the game’s realism.
  • PlayStyles: This new feature enriches player representation in-game, making each player’s style more distinct and true to life.
  • Enhanced Frostbite Engine: The improved engine elevates the visual detail, adding to the overall realism of the game.

Expanded Online Multiplayer Modes

With the expansion of cross-platform play, Pro Clubs and other online modes are now more inclusive, allowing players to join public clubs regardless of their gaming platform. This feature significantly enhances the social and interactive aspect of the game.


Mastering the advanced skill moves in EA SPORTS FC 24 can significantly elevate your game, whether you’re playing casually or competing in eSports tournaments. The inclusion of new features and technologies in EA SPORTS FC 24 further enhances the gameplay, offering a more immersive and realistic football experience. By embracing these skill moves and exploring the new aspects of the game, players can enjoy a more dynamic and fulfilling football gaming experience.

Remember, the world of EA SPORTS FC 24 is constantly evolving, with updates that can change the dynamics of gameplay. Stay updated, practice regularly, and you’ll not only enjoy the game more but also find yourself winning more matches.

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