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The 3 Best Ways to Earn Rewards in EA Sports FC 24

Unlocking rewards in EA Sports FC 24’s Ultimate Team mode has become a strategic pursuit, distinguishing itself from its predecessor FIFA by offering a safer and more skill-focused approach.

FC 24’s rewards stem from dedicated gameplay and success in Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champs modes. This shift follows the controversial loot boxes that attracted heavy criticism from the media.

In this article, we explore the three best ways to earn rewards in EA Sports FC 24, providing a useful guide to maximizing your gains through the engaging and skill-driven Squad Battles, the competitive Division Rivals, and the prestigious FUT Champs.

Discover the keys to success and claim your well-deserved rewards in the evolving landscape of EA Sports FC 24.

What are EA FC 24 rewards?

Like with its FIFA predecessor, EA Sports FC 24 has a rewards system which you can access in the game’s Ultimate Team mode. The most common sources of these are via the Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champs modes.

The rewards are seen to be safer than past rewards-based systems like loot boxes, which gave players a random reward (or nothing) in exchange for money, similar to how an online casino game might work, for example. This attracted a lot of criticism from experts who likened the process to gambling and many gaming providers have since chosen to drop the feature.

Players can now compete for rewards based on skilled challenges and the three modes of doing this are proving to be a popular success. Here’s a breakdown of how they work.

1. Squad Battles

If you’re diving into EA FC 24 and aiming to rack up some quick coins or packs in Ultimate Team for Season 3, Squad Battles rewards are your ticket to success.

Similar to last year, Squad Battles dish out weekly rewards based on your performance. For those choosing this option, here’s the lowdown on rewards and when to grab them.

Claiming Rewards: You can snag your Squad Battle rewards every Sunday at 8 am GMT. Hold your horses if they don’t pop up right on time; it might take about five minutes.

For non-UK folks, rewards drop at 10 am CEST, 4 am ET, or 12 am PT. Be ready to dive back into the grind every Sunday afternoon.

Squad Battle Rewards: Your rewards hinge on your rank; the higher your rank, the juicier the loot:

  • Bronze 3 to 1: Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
  • Silver 3 to 1: Gold Packs, Premium Gold Packs, and coins
  • Gold 3 to 1: Premium Gold Players Packs, Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Mega Packs, and more coins
  • Elite and Top 200: Rare Players Packs, Mega Packs, and hefty coin stacks

Points needed for each rank change weekly. For instance, hitting Elite requires an average of around 900 points per game.

Pro Tip: Watch out for the EA FC 24 walkout animations when opening packs for potential top-tier cards.

Now, get back on that grind, score those wins, and claim those rewards like a pro!

2. Division Rivals

Rivals is your ticket to online glory, offering a skill-driven rank system for solo or co-op play. Winning matches propels you up the ladder, increasing your rank and division for better rewards.

Earn Ultimate Team Champions Qualification Points and use them to qualify for the Ultimate Team Champions Play-Offs.

Progression in Rivals:

  • Ladder System: Progression is based on match results, moving up and down stages within divisions.
  • Stages and Divisions: Starting in Division 10, climb through stages to reach higher divisions, unlocking better rewards.
  • Win Streaks: Two consecutive wins start a win streak, propelling you two stages per win until a draw or loss ends it.
  • Draws and Losses: Draws maintain your current stage, while losses may drop you down a stage.
  • Checkpoints: Reaching certain stages unlocks new weekly rewards and protects from dropping below a stage after losses.

Determining Your Division:

  • Initial Division: Start in Division 10, with match results throughout the season determining your final placement.
  • Season Reset: At the start of a new season, everyone starts afresh, giving you a chance to climb back to the top.
  • Elite Division: Reserved for the crème de la crème after progressing through Division 1, competing until the season ends. Cross-play introduces a global leaderboard for the Elite Top 200.

Rival Rewards:

  • Weekly Rewards: Climbing divisions boosts rewards. Win a set number of matches weekly to earn based on your division and rank, with options to upgrade.
  • Season Milestone: Play matches to earn additional rewards, including three milestone rewards per Ultimate Team™ Season, tied to your division and achievements.

Claiming Your Rewards:

  • Claiming Weekly Rewards: After the weekly competition, claim your rewards in-game or via Ultimate Team™ Web and Companion Apps, sometimes with options to choose.
  • Season Milestone Rewards: Distributed after an Ultimate Team™ Season concludes.

Release Times for Rival Rewards:

  • Weekly Rewards: Thursdays at 06:59 AM UTC.

Good luck in becoming the ultimate Rivals champ!

3. FUT Champs

FUT Champs, the Weekend League, is divided into two phases: Champions Play-Offs and Champions Finals.

Champions Play-Offs

To qualify, secure a spot with 1250 Champions Qualification Points earned from Division Rivals.

The points system is four points for a victory, one for a loss. Accumulate 20 points from 10 matches to qualify for the Finals.

Champions Finals

Take on the challenge and complete 20 matches between Friday 8 am GMT and Monday 8 am GMT.

The points system is similar to the Play-Offs: earn one for a loss and four for a win. Even if you don’t finish all matches, rewards await!

Champs Rewards Highlights

Play-Off Ranks:  1st place bags Jumbo Rare Players Pack, Rare Players Pack, Mega Pack, and Finals Qualification.

-Final Ranks: Top spot snags 3x 84+ Rare Gold Player Pick, various packs, 125,000 coins, and more.

 EA FC 24 FUT Champs promises intense competition, epic rewards, and a thrilling journey to the top! Dare you take it on?

Whichever rewards option you choose, make sure you understand all the rules to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. Best of luck!

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