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Rudi Ekmen Wins the 2024 Proximus ePro League

In a competitive showdown at Kinepolis Brussels, Rudi Ekmen of Club Brugge was crowned the Belgian EA Sports FC24 Champion in the Proximus ePro League.

As fans celebrated, many continued to engage with their passion for competition through various platforms, such as visiting royal-mines.net.

This year’s tournament featured players from sixteen Jupiler Pro League teams, alongside ambitious amateur gamers, competing in a new format that was designed to increase participation and excitement.

The Tournament’s New Format

This season, the Proximus ePro League introduced a revised format aimed at enhancing competition and making the league more accessible. The regular season saw each e-player compete in a single round-robin format without return matches.

The top three teams automatically advanced to the playoffs, joined by three period champions determined over five-match intervals. The remaining teams had another chance in the qualifiers, facing off against the top amateur gamers who had advanced from the ePro League Cup, a new opportunity for fans to engage directly with the competition.

Playoff Dynamics

The playoffs brought together six direct qualifiers and two teams from the qualifiers in an intense final event. Rudi Ekmen stood out by first defeating Jordi Vanryckeghem 6-2 in the semifinals, securing his spot in the final.

His opponent and former champion, Kinane Al Nabhani, entered the final after a decisive 6-0 victory over Gilles Bernard. The final match was closely contested, with Ekmen edging out Al Nabhani 5-4.

Next Steps for the Winner

With his victory, Ekmen has secured a spot for Club Brugge in international competitions, representing the club in the eChampions League and Belgium at the EA Sports FC Pro World Championship where he may face other FC Pro league winners like 2024 eLPF champion Ezequiel Correa.

This achievement is particularly notable as it marks Club Brugge’s first title in the league’s history.

The final event not only highlighted the skills of top e-players but also reflected the league’s ongoing efforts to innovate and improve the competition format.

While the Proximus ePro League continues to attract and develop top virtual football talent, it also strives to include fans more directly through initiatives like the ePro League Cup.

As the league moves forward, the focus will be on maintaining the competitiveness and appeal of the tournament, ensuring it remains a key event in Belgium’s esports landscape.

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