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Hidden Gems From North America To Sign in FC 24 Career Mode

As FC 24 Career Mode enthusiasts dive into the new season, unearthing hidden gems becomes a crucial strategy for building a competitive team.

This year, the North American region is brimming with untapped talents, each offering unique skills and potential for growth. Here’s a spotlight on six promising players who could be the next big stars in your FC 24 team.

Jordan Carrillo Rodríguez (Mexico, Sporting Gijón)

  • Position: Left Midfielder/Right Midfielder
  • Age: 21
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 66/78
  • Market Value: €2.1M

The young Mexican’s dribbling (75) and balance (89) make him a threat on either wing. His high pace and agility allow him to navigate through defenses effectively. At €2.1M, he’s a promising addition for teams seeking speed and skill on the wings.

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César Huerta (Free Agent, Mexico)

  • Position: Left Winger/Left Midfielder
  • Age: 22
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 74/80

Huerta is a right-footed winger with excellent dribbling (80) and agility (85). His free-agent status makes the Mexican footballer an enticing option for teams looking for a skilled winger without a transfer fee.

Lazar Stefanović (Canada, Toronto FC)

  • Position: Centre-Back
  • Age: 16
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 52/77
  • Market Value: €240K

Stefanović is a right-footed, tall defender with great pace and decent defending stats for his in-game overall. Despite his young age, he exhibits promising signs of becoming a commanding presence in defense. A steal at €240K, he’s a long-term investment for teams looking to bolster their backline.

Ismaël Koné (Canada, Watford)

  • Position: Central Midfielder
  • Age: 21
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 67/79
  • Market Value: €2.5M

Koné shines with his dribbling (70) and long passing (69), making him a versatile playmaker for his position. His high work rate and strength (68) make him an asset in both defensive and offensive plays. Priced at €2.5M, he’s ideal for teams seeking a dynamic midfielder.

Kevin Paredes (USA, VfL Wolfsburg)

  • Position: Left Winger/Left Back
  • Age: 20
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 69/82
  • Market Value: €3.4M

Known for his exceptional agility (85) and balance (92), Paredes is a versatile talent on the left flank. His ability to play both as a winger and a defender adds valuable flexibility to any squad. With a potential of 82, the American youngster is a worthy investment at €3.4M.

Rokas Pukštas (USA, Hajduk Split)

  • Position: Central Midfielder/CAM/RM
  • Age: 18
  • Overall Rating/Potential: 68/82
  • Market Value: €2.8M

Pukštas, with his heading accuracy (74) and stamina (81), is a robust midfielder. His versatility allows him to excel in various midfield roles, offering strategic options for managers. With an €2.8M price tag, he’s a valuable pick for teams needing a resilient midfielder.

These six players represent the untapped potential within North America, each bringing unique qualities to the pitch. Whether you’re building a squad from scratch or looking for that special talent to complete your lineup, these hidden gems are worth exploring in your next FC 24 Career Mode journey.

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