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FC 24 Soundtrack: The Tunes of the New Franchise

The EA SPORTS FC 24 soundtrack showcases a diverse and expansive collection of music, continuing the tradition of its predecessors in the FIFA series.

This collection features a wide range of artists and genres, reflecting the global appeal of the game. With EA Sports ending their collaboration with FIFA, they still maintain their commitment to an iconic soundtrack.

Soundtrack Overview

The EA SPORTS FC 24 soundtrack includes a vast roster of musicians from around the world, offering players a rich and varied musical experience. This diverse selection reflects the global nature of the game and its community.

The soundtrack, which is available on platforms like Spotify, includes songs such as ‘Black Dress’ by 070 Shake, ‘Poster Boy’ by 2hollis, and ‘Avviso’ by Ariete, among many others. Notably, it features renowned artists as well as lesser-known musicians, providing a mix of familiar tunes and potential new favorites​

Collaboration with Artists for Special Kits

In addition to the soundtrack, EA Sports has also collaborated with artists to design special in-game kits. These artist kits, which are available in the Ultimate Team mode, include designs from The Rolling Stones, Obongjayar, and Michaël Brun.

The Rolling Stones kit can be earned by completing specific in-game objectives, while the kits from Obongjayar and Michaël Brun are available for purchase in the game store.

This collaboration is a unique blend of music, culture, and football, allowing players to express their style in the game. Artist Michaël Brun expressed his excitement about this collaboration, noting the significance of merging his culture, love of football, and fashion in one project​

Cultural Impact and Legacy

The soundtracks in EA Sports’ football games, including those from the FIFA series, have become culturally significant over the years. Some tracks have achieved cult status and have played a role in shaping the music tastes of entire generations. The EA SPORTS FC 24 soundtrack continues this legacy, offering a blend of musical styles and influences that mirror the diversity and global nature of football.

The soundtrack’s aim to create an international soundscape is evident in its inclusion of genres like Afrobeats, Reggaeton, and Grime, reflecting the global reach and influence of both football and music​.

In conclusion, the EA SPORTS FC 24 soundtrack not only maintains the high standard set by its predecessors in terms of musical diversity and appeal but also innovates by integrating music and gaming culture through its collaboration with artists for special in-game kits.

This approach reflects a deep understanding of the connection between football, music, and global culture, continuing the game’s legacy of influencing music tastes and trends worldwide.

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