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Best Underrated Free Players for Your Team in EA FC 24 Career Mode

Having the best players is a necessity for Career Mode, but it is also very expensive. Free agents offer you a chance to improve your team for free.

One of the best Career Mode ever is presented in the latest iteration of football games, the EA FC 24. The problem is that they are getting more realistic and more difficult with each release. The gamers are placed in the role of the manager of the club, and making it successful is getting tougher.

Many things are overlooked when running a club. As with every sports team in the world, success is mainly dependent on the quality of the team. Sometimes you need to improve it, and you lack the funds to do so. This is a perfect scenario for signing the best free players that are available.

Why Are Best Underrated Free Players Important?

Managing the finances is important for running any company, and the same case is with football clubs. The best and most underrated ones, who are always favorites on betting.co.uk have learned that lesson. Signing a player demands two financial costs, one for the club that owns the player you want, and the other is his salary.

Free players are unattached, meaning they are without a club. Therefore, signing them only requires you to meet their salary demands. And when they have quality, or potential to be good, they represent a great investment. So, let us look at some of the most underrated free players in FC 24 Career Mode.

Julián Quiñones

A dynamic force in the attacking lineup, Quiñones is a versatile player capable of filling the roles of a center forward, striker, or left winger. At 26 years old, Quiñones boasts an overall rating of 78 with a potential to reach 80, indicating his capacity for further growth on the pitch.

With a right foot that’s as precise as it is powerful, he exhibits a high work rate and an impressive ability to find the back of the net, highlighted by an 81 finishing rating. His speed is a key asset, with both acceleration and sprint speed rated at 88, making him a nightmare for defenders.

Additionally, his 95 jumping and 89 strength ensure he’s a formidable presence in aerial duels and physical contests. He is a great option as a player without a club, that can help a lot in your Career Mode, as a first option or a super-sub.

Erick Sánchez

A promising young midfielder, Sánchez commands the central and defensive midfield with a maturity beyond his 23 years. His overall rating of 78, combined with an 83 potential, speaks volumes of his capability to influence the game from the heart of the pitch.

The Mexican’s high/high work rate mirrors his all-around gameplay, excelling in both distributing the ball with an 82 short passing rating and breaking up opposition plays.

Noteworthy is his 83 shot power and 82 long shots, enabling him to threaten from distance. With 80 interceptions and 80 defensive awareness, he is a sentinel in midfield, always ready to regain possession.

His vision, rated at 81, ensures he can pick out passes others might not see, making him an essential player for teams favoring a possession-based or tiki-taka style of play.

Nediljko Labrović

The Croatian stands as a towering figure between the sticks, with his 6’5″ stature complementing his role as a goalkeeper. At 23 years old, he holds an overall rating of 74, with the potential to climb to 79. His most notable attributes in FC 24 include a 77 GK diving and 76 GK reflexes, showcasing his ability to pull off crucial saves.

Additionally, his 74 GK positioning and 70 GK handling signify his competence in managing the penalty area. Despite being a free agent, Labrović’s promising skills and commanding presence make him an attractive prospect for clubs in need of a reliable last line of defense.

Matthew Garbett

Garbett is a creative midfielder with an eye for goal, serves as an essential playmaker in the central or attacking midfield positions. The 21-year-old New Zealander has a current overall rating of 67, with a potential to reach 78. Garbett’s balanced high/medium work rate and lean physique aid his mobility and endurance on the field.

His skill set is rounded, with 69 in both dribbling and ball control, indicating his ability to maintain possession and navigate through tight spaces. Furthermore, Garbett’s 76 agility and balance enhance his maneuverability, making him a versatile asset capable of adapting to various tactical setups.

With a vision rating of 67, he has the potential to orchestrate plays that can unlock defenses, positioning him as a future star for clubs looking for a midfield maestro.

Osman Bukari

Osman Bukari, with his explosive speed and agility, is a natural on the wing, equally comfortable as a right winger or striker. At 24 years old, the Ghanaian international boasts a 72 overall rating and a potential of 74.

Bukari’s game is characterized by his blistering pace, with 87 acceleration and 83 sprint speed, paired with an 85 agility rating, making him exceptionally difficult to pin down.

His technical skills are highlighted by a 76 dribbling rating, allowing him to weave through defenses with ease. Despite his relatively modest strength, Bukari’s flair and technical playstyle make him a significant threat in one-on-one situations.

His attributes suggest he can be a valuable asset to any team looking for a versatile forward with the ability to make an immediate impact.


Free agents are crucial for the success of your team in EA FC 24 Career Mode. These are some of the best options for you, and we hope they will bring success to your team!

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