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Streaming EA FC 24 on Your Firestick: What You Need to Know

Many people love to watch EA Sports FC content on their TV or mobile devices. With EA FC 24 making its debut last year, it attracted millions of e-sports lovers, especially football fans.

There are various methods to stream EA Sports FC gameplay, and using a streaming device is one of them. Devices like Amazon fire stick and Google Chromecast are some popular examples of streaming services. This post covers everything you need to know about streaming esports on your fire stick.

Why Stream EA SPORTS FC 24 on Firestick?

Amazon fire stick is a contemporary device that enables you to stream a wide variety of content on your TV. This item holds the power to turn any standard TV into a modern Smart TV. Unlike other streaming devices, Amazon Firestick is comparatively affordable and easy to use even for newbies.

In addition, Firestick is good for users who want to watch EA Sports FC 24 gameplay as it supports thousands of streaming apps. You can stream your favorite esports events, and stay updated on the upcoming esports tournaments like the FC Pro World Championship on Firestick. 

Setting Up Your Firestick for EA SPORTS FC 24 Streaming

Before beginning with the apps, let us first prepare your Firestick for streaming.

  1. Plugin your Fire TV stick into the HDMI port of your TV
  2. Power on your TV 
  3. Connect your Firestick to the WiFi network.
  4. Now login into your Amazon account on your Fire TV stick

Best Apps for Streaming EA SPORTS FC 24 Gameplay

There are a variety of apps to help you stream EA sports FC 24 gameplay on your Firestick. However, in this post, we will focus on the highest quality apps that offer exceptional streaming experience for Firestick users. So, here is the list of best apps for streaming EA sports FC 24 Gameplay on Firestick. 


If you are a die hard fan of EA FC 24 events, Twitch should be the first app you should use. You can find a variety of channels on Twitch. Here are the steps you need to follow to use Twitch on your Firestick device. 

  • Visit the Amazon appstore and type Twitch in the search bar. Once you find the Twitch app, download and install it on your Firestick.  
  • If you already have an account on Twitch, login using the credentials. If you don’t have an account, create one and login into your account. 
  • Now search for EA Sports FC 24 and find the streamers you like to follow. 


YouTube is another easy to access platform where you can watch EA SPORTS FC 24 gameplay, including tutorials, live streams, and match highlights. Follow the below steps to install YouTube on Firestick.

  • Open the Amazon app store and search for a YouTube app. Once you find it, download and install the same on your Fire TV Stick. 
  • Login into YouTube using your Google Account credentials, that is your gmail id and password. 
  • Open the YouTube app and search for EA Sports FC 24 in the search bar. You will get a list of videos and channels. 
  • Now click on the Filters in the top right corner and under the “Type” tab select channels.
  • Open some channels and subscribe to the ones that post updated content on EA sports FC 24. 
  • Also, turn on notifications by which you will be modified whichever these channels post new content. 

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is another popular platform for sports streaming that offers a wide range of FC 24 events. Follow these steps to use Facebook gaming on your Amazon fire stick.

  • Search for Facebook watch on the Amazon app store and install the app on your fire TV stick.
  • Once you installed Facebook watch, then login using your Facebook account credentials.
  • Once you log in into your Facebook account, navigate to the gaming section and search for EA Sports FC 24 streams.
  • You will find a list of streamers that post EA Sports FC 24 related content. Follow the ones that post such content regularly
  • Now check your Facebook gaming section regularly to stay updated on the latest content on EA Sports FC 24.


DLive is another great platform to stream sports content, even though mixer has been discontinued. Follow the steps to download and install mixer on your Amazon Fire stick.

  • Visit the Amazon app store and search for the DLive app. 
  • Download and install the DLive app on your fire TV stick
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed, you need to create an account. 
  • Open the app and find the EA Sports FC 24 using its search feature.
  • Once you find the EA Sports FC 24 streams, follow some streamers and stay updated on the live content

These were some of the best apps to stream EA Sports FC 24 content. However, there are more options for users who want more variety and customization while watching their favorite sports content.

Tips to enhance your streaming experience

A stable internet connection: Make sure you have a stable internet connection with a speed of at least 50 MBPS for a hassle-free streaming experience.

Update your apps regularly: Updating the apps regularly, fixes the bugs and problems to ensure you get updated content and features. 

Use a VPN: Using a VPN allows you to stream content and tournaments that are not available in your country for streaming. Using a VPN, you can watch International sports events by selecting a server of a country where that content is available for streaming.

Wrapping Up

Watching EA Sports FC 24 gameplay on your Firestick is a great way to enjoy your favorite esports from the comfort of your home.  Using the apps mentioned in this post, you can watch live streams and tournament highlights. Using the Kodi addons you can watch tutorials, match highlights and live streams of your favorite sports events.

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