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5 Teams in Need of a Rebuild in FC 24 Career Mode

In FC 24 Career Mode, several once-great teams are in need of a major rebuild to return to their former glory.

These clubs, with their rich histories and passionate fan bases, have fallen on hard times due to various challenges such as financial mismanagement, aging squads, and inconsistent performances. Reviving these teams will require a blend of youth development, smart transfers, and tactical ingenuity.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan looking to explore betting odds for soccer or a newcomer eager to dive into the managerial challenges, rebuilding these clubs in FC 24 Career Mode offers a unique and rewarding experience. Here are the five teams you can rebuild in FC 24 Career Mode:

1. Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC, based in Andalusia, Spain, is renowned for its successes in domestic and European competitions. The club has won numerous UEFA Europa League titles, establishing itself as a force in Europe. However, in recent years, Sevilla has struggled to maintain the consistency that once made them a formidable opponent.

Sevilla’s recent seasons have been marked by inconsistency, with the team failing to secure top-four finishes in La Liga. Aging stars like Jesús Navas and Sergio Ramos reflect a squad in need of rejuvenation. The once-reliable defense and midfield have shown signs of decline, leading to underwhelming performances.

Considering Sevilla’s prestigious history and current struggles, your challenge will be to inject youthful energy into the squad while phasing out aging players. Are you ready to revitalize this Spanish giant and lead them back to European glory?

2. Palermo

Palermo, an Italian club with a rich history, enjoyed several stints in Serie A and produced notable talents like Edinson Cavani and Paulo Dybala. However, financial issues and administrative problems led to their relegation to Serie B and even Serie D.

Palermo is currently striving to regain stability and move back up the Italian football pyramid. The team’s performances in Serie B have been mixed, reflecting the need for significant squad improvements to compete for promotion.

With Palermo’s storied past and current state, your mission will be to stabilize the club financially and focus on building a squad capable of achieving promotion. Can you guide Palermo back to the heights of Italian football?

3. Besiktas

Beşiktaş, one of Turkey’s most successful clubs, has a rich history filled with domestic league titles and European competition appearances. Known for its passionate fan base and fierce rivalries, the club has recently faced challenges in maintaining its dominance.

Beşiktaş has struggled with consistency and injuries to key players, resulting in underwhelming performances in the Süper Lig. The team’s aging squad and reliance on veteran players have hindered their ability to compete effectively both domestically and in Europe.

Given Beşiktaş’s passionate fan base and recent struggles, your task will be to rejuvenate the squad and improve consistency. Are you up for the challenge of restoring Beşiktaş to its rightful place at the top of Turkish football?

4. Portsmouth

Portsmouth, a club with a storied past in English football, reached the pinnacle by winning the FA Cup in 2008. However, financial turmoil led to multiple relegations, and the club now competes in League One.

Portsmouth has been trying to climb back up the English football leagues but has faced challenges in securing promotion from League One. The team’s inconsistent performances and lack of squad depth have been significant hurdles.


With Portsmouth’s history of highs and lows, your goal will be to build a squad that can secure promotion and bring stability. Do you have what it takes to lead Portsmouth back to the Premier League and bring new trophies to Fratton Park?

5. Dinamo București

Dinamo București is one of Romania’s most successful clubs, with numerous domestic league titles. The club has a rich history and a strong fan base but has struggled to maintain its dominance in recent years.

The club’s recent performances in Liga I have been disappointing, with Dinamo failing to challenge for top honors. Financial issues and an aging squad have further compounded their problems.

Considering Dinamo’s illustrious past and current difficulties, your mission will be to manage finances prudently and rebuild the squad with young talents. Are you ready to take on the challenge of bringing Dinamo București back to the top of Romanian football?

Rebuilding these once-great clubs in FC 24 Career Mode requires a strategic approach that balances youth development, smart transfers, and financial management. By addressing their current weaknesses and planning for the future, managers can restore these teams to their former glory and compete at the highest levels once again.

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