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How did Anders Vejrgang Shock the World of FIFA in the eChampions League Tournament?

The 2023 eChampions League (eCL) Group Stages have recently concluded and drama really played its part in this phase of the competition.

The Group Stage was held in London earlier this February, where the 64 qualified players were divided into two groups and battled their way out of this phase in a Swiss format. From each of the two groups, the top 16 players will take part in the Knockout Stage of the tournament set to take place at the Here East Theatre in Stratford, London in late April.

During the tournament, there was one player who shocked the eSports world and it was none other than the prodigy himself, Anders “Vejrgang” Vejrgang.

Who is Anders “Vejrgang” Vejrgang?

Anders “Vejrgang” Vejrgang is a 16-year-old Danish pro FIFA player currently representing RBLZ Gaming and he is one of the players who most fans have their eyes on.

Vejrgang made news two years ago after going unbeaten in 535 games in a row in Ultimate Team’s Weekend League. As the game format currently only allows participants to play a maximum of 20 games per weekend, as opposed to the previous 30 or even 40 games, this streak is likely to remain unbreakable. He currently stands at 140 wins in a row in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Today, he creates more hype than even Tekkz back in the earlier stages of the FIFA professional scene. With his exceptional skills and mentality, he has been building quite the reputation for himself in the FIFA pro scene. While he was not that active in the professional scene in 2022, he made sure that this year he would leave his mark.

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How Did Anders Defy The Odds in eChampions League?

To say that he had a rocky start is quite an understatement. While taking a look at his first game, it does seem like his nerves were getting the best of him. Having played only a few LAN tournaments in FIFA 23 before the start of eChampions League, he did seem like he was struggling.

During Round 2 of the Group Stages, in his first match against German pro player AntonioRadeljam, at first glance the young Danish player looked like he had the game in the palm of his hand. However, it all came crashing down by the end of the first half, with 16-year-old Anders going 2-0 down. Things didn’t get any better for Anders and the score got worse by the 60th minute as his opponent scored another goal. With 30 minutes left on the clock, it did seem like the Danish prodigy was going to lose his first competitive match of the season.

However, the thing about champions is that they never give up, and Vejrgang proved that with his amazing comeback. Within the next 5 minutes, he got his first goal in the back of the next after scoring with Prime Icon Ronaldo. The second goal followed shortly with a double from R9.

In the blink of an eye, Anders struck hard once again and in the 75th minute scored another goal taking the scoreline to a final 3-3 with Ronaldo scoring his hat trick. In the second leg of the round, he defeated Antonio 3-1, taking the aggregate scoreline to 6-4.

The Danish went on undefeated in the FGS 23 eChampions League Group Stages with a total of 5 wins and a goal difference of +17. This goal difference is the joint highest in the tournament currently, and the highest in Group B.

Anders Vejrgang will face off against Dani Visser of Team Gullit on April 22 in the Knockout Stages of the tournament. EA Sports and UEFA confirmed that the prize pool for this year’s eCL is $280,000.

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