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UEFA eEURO 2024 Group Stages Confirmed

With the buzz around the upcoming Euro 2024, EA and UEFA set up its virtual counterpart, UEFA eEURO 2024. This esports bonanza welcomes over 50 UEFA national teams to the digital pitch that will compete for the European title in FC 24.

The event’s significance in the XRP sports betting world cannot be understated, as it provides bettors with a wealth of betting options and opportunities to capitalize on their knowledge of the game.

The tournament kicked off in January with Phase 1 of the competition, where national selection tournaments took place to find the best players in each of the participating countries. The winners of those tournaments claimed the opportunity to represent their countries on the European virtual stage.

EA confirmed that the tournament will be played in FC 24 Kick-off mode via Online Friendlies, with each participant having equal-rated squads.

UEFA eEURO 2024 Group Stages

Following the results of the first phase, we now know all the qualified players representing the following nations divided in 7 groups:

Group A

  • Denmark – RBLZ Vejrgang
  • Scotland – Marc__Marleyyy
  • Ireland – Owenmulligan
  • Austria – faoetnation10
  • Moldova – Jekinho7
  • Cyprus – Chpokyn
  • Montenegro – LukaManojlovic18

Group B

  • Netherlands – TG-Ievideweerd
  • Türkiye – iMertAL
  • Switzerland – gianlucam17
  • Kazakhstan – iMasya__
  • Hungary – charming_pacer9
  • North Macedonia – OGiii
  • Liechtenstein – HerrEggbert

Group C

  • Italy – Obrun2002
  • Poland – Blachu
  • Malta – brandsha
  • Latvia – Zinotox-LVA
  • Slovenia – KotaxGinola
  • Luxembourg – cocomeeeelon1
  • Albania – Devi_TheRock

Group D

  • England – Tekkz
  • Israel – eden_fines12
  • Georgia – Asata_fifa27
  • Czechia – T9Laky
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – M1R33M
  • Bulgaria – jorjewin
  • Andorra – Spursitito

Group E

  • Portugal – tuga810
  • Romania – RvPLegend
  • Slovakia – xRevy_13
  • Lithuania – titasx10
  • Norway – Andreas
  • Iceland – aronth99
  • Armenia – Blame33

Group F

  • France – MiniJusticier_I
  • Estonia – KLV_Simpa
  • Greece – Jim-RPG
  • Croatia – Cyber_Fico
  • Serbia – KrunaDomination
  • Azerbaijan – zonakiller27
  • San Marino – beppet27

Group G

  • Belgium – BorussiaBradley
  • Sweden – OllelitoYT
  • Finland – kossu72
  • Ukraine – CIG_ST92_UA
  • Northern Ireland – JoseHamster
  • Wales – xKaiHarris
  • Faroe Islands – xOL-Mitrovic_10
  • Kosovo – Uliks Polloshka

The group stages will be played this weekend between March 16–17 facing off in a round-robin showdown. Only the group winners will move forward to the final 8 stage. Host nation Germany secures a direct spot in the Live Finals.

The Final Showdown

The ultimate battle commences in July, with a single-elimination format determining who advances to the Grand Final. Players will compete for the prestigious title of UEFA eEURO 2024 Champion and a chunk of a whopping $100,000 prize pool.

Euro 2024 Update for FC 24

EA and UEFA also confirmed the Euro 2024 DLC for FC 24 that is set to offer an unprecedented virtual experience of the UEFA European Championship, promising players a deeply immersive and authentic journey through the tournament. Here’s what enthusiasts can expect:

Dedicated Game Mode

EA is expected to introduce a specially tailored game mode for the Euro 2024 DLC, designed to enhance both offline and online gameplay. This addition aims to allow players to lead their preferred national teams to glory in a simulated environment that mirrors the intensity and excitement of the actual tournament.

Ultimate Team Promotions

The DLC is also set to enrich the Ultimate Team feature with special promotions directly tied to the Euro 2024 event. A notable mention is the Euro 2024 Ultimate Team engagement campaign, which indicates the type of content players might anticipate, including special items and possibly themed challenges.

Teams and Play-offs

While the final roster of 24 teams awaits the results of pending play-offs this month, the DLC will include all currently qualified teams. For example teams like Türkiye, Austria, Slovakia, and Albania, among others, are currently not available in FC 24, but they will feature in the special update. Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, and other major football nations are confirmed to be featured.


This significant update will introduce most of the official Euro 2024 host venues into the game. Seven out of the eight confirmed stadiums are already available in FC 24, including Deutsche Bank Park, MHPArena, and Signal Iduna Park. The Allianz Arena, however, remains uncertain due to its exclusive presence in Konami’s eFootball series, leaving fans awaiting official confirmation on its inclusion.

Authentic Tournament Elements

Beyond teams and stadiums, the DLC aims to bring the Euro 2024 atmosphere to life with authentic elements such as the official match ball, stadium dressing, adboards, and the trophy itself.

Overall, the Euro 2024 DLC for FC 24 is shaping up to be a comprehensive addition that will allow gamers to experience the thrill of the European Championship like never before, combining the excitement of football with the strategic depth and immersive qualities that EA’s FC 24 is known for.

The update is set to drop in early June according to UEFA.

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