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Is FUT Ballers One Of The Best FIFA Promos of All Time?

FUT Ballers is currently the latest ongoing promo in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be the last game of the historic franchise after EA Sports ended their collaboration with FIFA. Since the launch of FIFA 19, fans have been asking for a manner to upgrade FUT cards by playing with them, similar to the likes of the older Alex Hunter cards.

With the launch of FUT Ballers promo in FIFA 23, the fans wishes came true as they now can upgrade the special promo items by completing objectives and playing matches. But does this promo classify as one of the best? Let us have a look as to why this might be the case.

FUT Ballers in FIFA 23

Having a look at the promo as a whole, it is quite community-oriented. While each of the Objectives are quite easy to complete, they vary from scoring goals to performing a particular type of assist in the game.

These Objectives need to be completed by a particular player from one of the themed Squad Builder Challenges (SBCs). For example, after completing the Luis Diaz 86-rated SBC, one has to score 5 finesse goals in 5 different games with him. This can be done either on Squad Battles or Rivals and once the Objective is reached, his card will get upgraded to 88 OVR.

Another aspect of the promo are the players who have been selected to feature. While we have many players from the Premier League available via SBCs, there are also others available strictly via Objectives, such as the FIFA legend himself, Aiden McGeady. Below, you can view in details all the players available as FUT Ballers:

  • SBC: Luis Diaz 86 > 88 (Liverpool)
  • SBC: Patrick Bamford 85 > 88 (Leeds)
  • SBC: Dejan Kulusevski 86 > 88 (Spurs)
  • SBC: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 84 > 86 (Liverpool)
  • SBC: Jack Grealish 88 > 90 (Man. City)
  • SBC: Noni Madueke 84 > 87 (Chelsea)
  • SBC: Ederson 90 > 91 (Man. City)
  • Objective: Mason Mount 89 (Chelsea)
  • Objective: Junior Firpo 87 (Leeds)
  • Objective: Arnaut Danjuma 87 (Spurs)
  • Objective: Hattan Bahebri 87 (Al-Shabab)
  • Objective: Aiden McGeady 87 (Hibernian)

You can check each Objective in details here.

One has to appreciate the type of content that has been released, with various Objectives and SBCs being launched on a daily basis. One can also complete some of the repeatable SBCs like the 82+ x20 Upgrade in order to get prepared for the FUT birthday promo. The FUT Ballers has certainly made sure to give back to the players for playing FIFA 23.

The Downfall of FUT Ballers

The major downfall of this promo is that there are no special cards available in packs apart from the usual TOTW in-forms. Due to this, most players who are focusing on opening their pack rewards can only hope to get an Icon or a TOTW card as high-rated gold cards are being available for cheap in the current market. Another factor to point out is that after a FUT player finishes all the Daily Objectives, there isn’t much one can play for other than the classic Division Rivals.

Furthermore, most of the FUT Ballers cards are from the Premier League and players who have teams from different leagues would shy away from this promo.

While this promo had an ideal concept and great potential, the execution was a bit disappointing. In order to make FUT Ballers one of the best in Ultimate Team, EA needs to make sure to focus on other football leagues as well, not just Premier League.


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