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The Recent Trend Of Selling FIFA Mods

In this post you will read our take on the recent trend that some modders started by charging users via Patreon for FIFA mods.

Before proceeding with this post rest assured that FIFA-Infinity.com will NEVER charge or limit access for mods! All our mods will remain free and available to everyone as it should be and had been since the birth of this website and community 10 years ago. Even if in recent years we diversified ourselves, we still remain a FIFA modding website at core.

Keeping it short to the topic, selling mods and limiting access to them is wrong, very wrong and here’s why:

– You can’t sell content that features FIFA in-game code lines and files because they are legally owned by EA Sports. Changing a few values or the textures of those files doesn’t make you the copyright holder, the files are still owned by EA Sports and its developers.

– It is well known that EA developers are not happy that modders snoop around their in-game files and codes and share them as mods. However, they allow it primarily because most of the FIFA mods are for offline use and of course because they are free.

– FIFA mods can be officially forbidden if EA wants. The modding community is lucky enough as it is, modders that start limiting access to mods and pressure people to pay up for copyrighted materials are basically giving EA Sports the reason to shutdown entire communities and websites dedicated to FIFA modding and they will not care which one sell mods or not. They have the legal power to do it and they will use it if revenue and copyrighted materials are at stake.

We hope this will make clear the risks that some modders take by selling mods.

Unfortunately one of the biggest, if not the biggest FIFA modding community out there, SoccerGaming.com recently announced their support for these type of activities and we wanted to share our disappointment in their decision to do so. As partnered websites we hope they will reconsider their decision.

That’s all we wanted to share for now, please keep mods clean and free!

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