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Legacy Esports: Transition of Professional FIFA Players to EA SPORTS FC

The transition of professional FIFA players to EA SPORTS FC, marks an important chapter in the eSports scene. This shift comes in the wake of EA’s decision to rebrand its FIFA franchise to EA SPORTS FC, driven by a vision to create a more immersive and connected football experience for its global community of over 150 million fans across various platforms.

This new brand vision has been embodied in the form of EA SPORTS FC, which aims to foster creativity, innovation, and growth in football experiences across console, mobile, online, and esports products​​.

FC Pro Circuit: A Gateway to eSports Glory

The EA SPORTS FC transition is not merely a rebranding exercise but also a substantial evolution in the eSports ecosystem. A new competitive circuit known as FC Pro has been unveiled, structured to accommodate players of all skill levels. FC Pro encompasses three primary competitions: FC Pro Open, FC Pro Leagues, and FC Pro World Championship, each with its unique format and opportunities for players to climb the ranks to the World Championship​.

In addition, EA SPORTS FC introduces new features like “Evolutions” in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, allowing greater control over player development. Players need to adapt to these new features and understand how they impact gameplay and strategize their future matches.

FC Pro Open, kicking off in October 2023, is a $1 million open circuit that welcomes both emerging competitors and Ultimate Team professionals, spanning across ten regions. On the other hand, FC Pro Leagues is an invite-only circuit where professional players, representing iconic football clubs, will compete in significant tournaments alongside football League Partners like Premier League, LALIGA, and MLS.

The circuit reaches its pinnacle at the FC Pro World Championship in June 2024, where the top 32 contenders from around the globe in EA SPORTS FC will compete for the prestigious title of the inaugural World Champion. This event also presents a chance for enthusiasts to wage on their preferred competitors, while exploring the most favorable odds across various platforms.

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A New Era for Football Gaming and Esports

Furthermore, EA SPORTS FC has unveiled partnerships with over 19,000 licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues, cementing its place as a major hub for football esports​. The structure of FC Pro, particularly the FC Pro Leagues, hints at a collaborative framework where players may transition under the banner of renowned football clubs.

EA’s transition from FIFA to EA SPORTS FC symbolizes a fresh chapter in football gaming and esports, with a refined competitive structure and a more inclusive ecosystem for players across the globe. Through FC Pro and extensive partnerships, EA SPORTS FC is poised to redefine football esports, ushering in a new era of competitive virtual football.

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