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Best Possible Squad in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Not every team is created equal in EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team. You could grind the game for hours on end and not even pack a single META card in the game. On the other hand, your friend who barely plays the game may pack Kylian Mbappé from a random preview pack.

Then there are a few people who splurge real money into buying FC points and open packs to get their dream team. Everyone is entitled to play the game however they please, but what if you had unlimited FC coins to spend. Have you wondered what is the best possible team that you could build in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? In that case, stick with us and in this article, we will see what is the best eleven in the newest sports video game series of EA.

Before proceeding, we should note that the formation used to build this ‘ultimate’ squad is 4-2-4.

LW: Kylian Mbappé (France)

Even though Mbappé has been replaced by Erling Haaland as the cover star for EA FC 24, the French superstar is still the best Gold card in the game. Mbappé is extremely fast in game, has some of the best PlayStyles, 5* Skill Moves, perfect Work Rates for a striker and insane shooting.

Unsurprisingly, Mbappé is the most expensive gold card in the Transfer Market.

Market Price: 2.93M

LS: Ronaldo (Brazil)

Ronaldo Nazario has been the best player in each edition of FIFA for a while. He is not affordable for more than 99% of the Ultimate Team community and even if you somehow collected enough coins to buy him, he may not be available in the Transfer Market.

The Brazilian has exemplary stats in relevant areas, has perfect weak foot and skill moves, and possess some of the best PlayStyles in the game. As of this writing, R9 is the most expensive card in EA FC 24 Transfer Market.

Market Price: 8.4M

RS: Pele (Brazil)

Pele is arguably the best dribbler in the game. The Brazilian legend has a combination of exemplary stats, 5-star Skill Moves, a plethora of brilliant PlayStyles, and great Work Rates. Moreover, he is the highest rated card in the entire game.

Market Value: 4.37M

RW: Mia Hamm (USA)

EA FC 24 saw the integration of women players into the Ultimate Team for the first time ever. We have also witnessed the addition of a handful of Women Heroes and five Women Icons into the game – out of which Mia Hamm, the USA women’s football legend, is by far the best card.

Hamm is the second most expensive card (only behind Ronaldo Nazario) in the entire game, thanks to an outstanding card which includes brilliant stats, perfect weak foot and skill moves, great Work Rates and a plethora of overpowered PlayStyles.

Market Value: 4.88M

LCM: Ruud Gullit (Netherlands)

There are hardly any surprises here. Gullit has been the best central midfielder in the FIFA franchise for a long time, and he is still the best central midfielder even in the new franchise. Gullit is one of the cards that play way better than what the suggests.

Don’t get us wrong, Gullit still has outstanding stats, only complemented by his 5 Star Weak Foot, 6’3″ stature, and some good PlayStyles. But having him in your midfield is one of the biggest favours you can do to your Ultimate Team.

Market Value: 3.86M

RCM: Patrick Vieira (France)

This could be the most disputed position in this lineup – especially since Zinedine Zidane outshines Vieira in every face stats except defending and physical. But hear us out – we already have a Central Midfielder with an attacking mindset in the form of Ruud Gullit in our squad.

To complement this, we need a stay back midfielder, and who else is better at that role than Patrick Vieira? Vieira has almost all defensive PlayStyles in arsenal (pun intended). Moreover, his defensive stats are exemplary and has a 6’4″ build. Vieira can easily intercept all the passes within a 3 m radius from his body and nip all potential dangerous attacks in its buds.

Market Value: 2.1M

LB: Roberto Carlos (Brazil)

Yet another Brazilian legend in this lineup – what a surprise. We all know how good Roberto Carlos’ shots, especially set pieces, were in real life. EA almost did complete justice to his legacy in EA FC 24. His power shots from long ranges are simply unstoppable, even for the best goalkeepers in the game.

However, EA did not give Carlos Dead Ball PlayStyle, which is very odd considering that his most memorable moment in his career was arguably his free kick goal against France in 1997.

Market Value: 1.09M

LCB: Paolo Maldini (Italy)

Maldini is often considered as one of the greatest centre backs of all time, and his legacy is here to stay in EA SPORTS FC 24. Maldini was by far the best CB in previous FIFAs and in EA FC 24 he is not any different. The Italian legend is super quick for a CB and has the best defending stat in the entire game.

Fun fact: Top 3 players with best defending in FC 24 are all Italians! The only potential downside of Maldini is that even though he has a few PlayStyles, he lacks the most important ones for his position.

Market Value: 1.59M

RCB: Vincent Kompany (Belgium)

This spot was up for taking between Kompany and Lucio, and it came to two huge factors – AcceleRATE and PlayStyles. Statistically, both Kompany and Lucio are extremely similar, but the former edges over the latter on the above-mentioned factors.

Kompany is Lengthy and has a plethora of defensive PlayStyles whereas Lucio in only Mostly Lengthy and has only a couple of defensive PlayStyles.

Market Value: 704K

RB: Carlos AlbertoCapitaTorres (Brazil)

High pace, great defending, six PlayStyles and excellent stats all around – Capita has got it all. Capita’s only weakness is the meagre 64 long passing, which could be improved using appropriate chemistry styles. By far the most complete right back in FC 24 at the moment.

Market Value: 989K

GK: Edwin Van Der Sar (Netherlands) 

Goalkeepers are either a hit or a miss in EA FC 24. Van Der Sar is probably the only consistent goalkeeper that we have seen in the past few editions of FIFA, and he is still going strong in the new franchise.

Market Value: 589K

This squad was build as of October 15th and market prices will fluctuate.

EA SPORTS FC 24 is now available on multiple gaming platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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