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7 Underrated Heroes to Try in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

When you dive into EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team, it’s easy to get caught up chasing the big names. But, let’s be honest, there’s a thrill in uncovering those underrated Heroes that not only save you coins but also bring unexpected firepower or solidity to your squad.

Before we dive into our top picks, let’s break down what makes these Heroes tick in terms of chemistry.

What are FC 24 Heroes?

Heroes in EA FC 24 are special cards awarded to retired soccer legends, a collaboration between EA and Marvel that brings a unique superhero theme to these players. But this year, we’ve got a twist: there are three types of Heroes – base Heroes, Triple Threat Heroes and Champions League Heroes, the latter boasting higher ratings due to memorable European performances.

Moreover, with the full integration of women’s football into Ultimate Team, we also see female Heroes for the first time, expanding the roster and possibilities for squad building.

How Does Hero Chemistry Work in FC 24?

In EA FC 24, Heroes get full chemistry points when played in their primary or secondary positions, making them incredibly versatile for squad building. They also give an extra league link to all players from the same league and a nation link to all players from their nation.

This means you can mix and match players from different clubs within the same league or from the same country, and still maintain high chemistry. This mechanic is a game-changer, especially for building hybrid squads.

Now, onto the unsung heroes worth considering for your team:

Top 7 Underrated Heroes in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

1. Hidetoshi Nakata (Base Hero) – 87 OVR

The legendary Japanese player brings creativity to the midfield with excellent passing and dribbling. Back in the day, he opened up fascinating avenues for those interested in exploring the types of bets at Japanese bookmakers

The former Perugia and AS Roma star is the type of player who can create opportunities out of nothing, making him invaluable for breaking down stubborn defenses. Furthermore, he’s also able to score screamers from long distance thanks to his insane shooting stats. His Serie A and Japanese links provide interesting squad-building possibilities.

His current price on FUT is 23,500 on PlayStation, 23,500 on Xbox, and 29,500 on PC.

2. Ricardo Carvalho (Base Hero) – 88 OVR

In a game where defense can often decide the match, Carvalho stands out as a rock-solid choice. His tackling and defensive positioning are top-notch, ensuring that he can stop attackers in their tracks. His links to Liga Portugal and Portugal make him a strategic asset for defensive setups. The former Porto centre back is one of the must underrated defenders you can find in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

His current price on FUT is 39,500 on PlayStation, 39,500 on Xbox, and 35,000 on PC.

3. Sidney Govou (Base Hero) – 86 OVR

Govou is an exciting option on the wing or upfront. His speed and shooting make him a dual threat, especially thanks to his Power Shot PlayStyle+, capable of tearing down the flank or cutting inside to score. His French and Ligue 1 connections offer great chemistry options for teams in need of pace and versatility.

His current price on FUT is 38,750 on PlayStation, 38,750 on Xbox, and 27,000 on PC.

4. Jari Litmanen (UEFA Champions League Hero) – 89 OVR

Litmanen might not be the first name you think of for a CAM, but his balanced stats make him a hidden gem. His vision and passing can unlock tight defenses, and he’s got the shooting chops to finish chances himself. A perfect pick if you’re running an Eredivisie squad or need that Finnish link for a hybrid team.

His current price on FUT is 59,500 on PlayStation, 59,500 on Xbox, and 75,000 on PC.

5. Freddie Ljungberg (Base Hero) – 86 OVR

Ljungberg’s inclusion is a no-brainer for those needing speed and agility on the wings. His ability to deliver crosses or take on defenders directly adds a dynamic element to any attack. His shooting and finishing are other attributes worth mentioning, as he can easily help you score quite a few goals by cutting inside the pitch. With Premier League and Swedish links, he’s easy to fit into a variety of teams.

His current price on FUT is 23,000 on PlayStation, 23,000 on Xbox, and 27,500 on PC.

6. Steve McManaman (Base Hero) – 87 OVR

McManaman offers great dribbling and pace, essential for any winger looking to make an impact. His ability to swing in dangerous crosses or cut inside for a shot makes him a constant threat. His English and Premier League heritage makes him a versatile option for those leagues.

His current price on FUT is 28,750 on PlayStation, 28,750 on Xbox, and 26,000 on PC.

7. Fernando Morientes (Triple Threat Hero) – 90 OVR

Lastly, forget about the typical striker choices for a second. Morientes is a legend who brings a lethal combination of physicality and finishing to the table. His ability to win aerial duels thanks to his Aerial PlayStyle+ and his knack for being in the right place at the right time can make him your go-to goal scorer. Plus, his LaLiga links are perfect for Spanish squads or those looking to blend in some LaLiga talent.

His current price on FUT is 78,000 on PlayStation, 78,000 on Xbox, and 101,000 on PC.

Why These Heroes?

Choosing any of these Heroes isn’t just about saving coins; it’s about smart squad building. Their unique chemistry advantages allow for more flexibility in team composition, enabling you to craft a side that can compete with the best, without overspending. Each brings something special to the table, whether it’s Morientes’ aerial threat, Carvalho’s defensive prowess, or Nakata’s midfield creativity, making them worth considering for your Ultimate Team.

So, before you splash the cash on the usual suspects, take a moment to consider these underrated Heroes. They might just be the missing piece in your Ultimate Team puzzle.

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