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FIFA Superstars Shutdown

Unfortunately as the title says, FIFA Superstars will get shutdown on 31 March. The news was posted a few minutes ago on the official FIFA Superstars facebook page. Here is the official announcement from EA Sports:

“Please note that on March 31st 2013, EA sports will be shutting down FIFA Superstars on Facebook, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms. This is occurring because we occasionally have to retire games in order to re-allocate our resources to newer or more popular titles.

If you have any virtual currency or assets in connection with FIFA Superstars that you would like to use, please ensure that you do so before the online services are shut down.

We hope you enjoyed playing FIFA Superstars and appreciate your participation and support for the game since it was released. If you enjoyed playing this EA Sports product, we encourage you to take a look at some of our other EA Sports titles.
For all the latest news and information on the FIFA franchise, you can follow the official twitter page @EAPORTSFIFA and the official EA Sports FIFA Facebook page.”

Many of the FIFA Superstars players have feared this moment since the game wasn’t updated anymore in the past few weeks. In our last week news post we have posted one of the reasons why FIFA Superstars wasn’t updated and it looks like that rumor was true. Another reason would be the lack of users and popularity after the introduction of Season 2 in FIFA Superstars. Anyway if you still play the game or if you have a FIFA Superstars account, remember that this is your last chance of enjoying this game, because 2 months from now the game will get closed!

FIFA Infinity will organize a FIFA Superstars giveaway next week so stay tuned!

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  1. why to shutdown a great game? all fifa superstars players are very mad about that. and many want they money back

  2. I really hope u can continue this game..there is lot of gamers who just started to love this game..Bring back ur day to the glory.we will support u..thanks

  3. I don’t want the game to close!

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