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The Influence of FIFA Soundtracks

The EA SPORTS FIFA franchise has not only captivated gamers with its dynamic gameplay and stunning graphics but has also left an indelible mark on popular culture through its carefully curated soundtracks.

With each new installment, the FIFA series brings together an eclectic mix of tracks from well-known artists and emerging talents that perfectly encapsulate the energy and emotion of the beautiful game. From iconic classics to contemporary hits, the FIFA soundtracks have become an integral part of the gaming experience, similar to the Betway app.

These carefully curated collections of songs have not only shaped the gaming experience but have also left a profound impact on popular music and youth culture.

The Evolution of FIFA Soundtracks: From Background Noise to Cultural Phenomenon

Early iterations of FIFA featured relatively simple soundtracks that served as background noise to the gameplay. However, as the gaming industry progressed, so did the integration of music into the overall gaming experience. The turning point for FIFA soundtracks came with the release of FIFA 98, which featured “Song 2” by Blur as its anthem. This marked the beginning of a trend where the game’s soundtrack was given a more prominent role, effectively setting the stage for the fusion of gaming and music culture.

With subsequent releases, FIFA’s soundtracks evolved from a collection of songs to a carefully curated playlist designed to capture the energy and excitement of both the sport and the gaming experience. EA’s music supervisors began to collaborate with artists, record labels, and music industry professionals to select tracks that would resonate with the game’s audience. The soundtracks became eclectic mixes of genres, showcasing both well-known artists and emerging talents.

Impact on Popular Music

One of the most notable influences of FIFA soundtracks on popular music is the exposure it provides to lesser-known artists. Songs featured in FIFA games often experience a surge in popularity due to the massive global audience the franchise commands.

This exposure has helped catapult many independent and emerging musicians into the mainstream music scene. Iconic songs like MGMT’s “Kids” (FIFA 09) and Vance Joy’s “Riptide” (FIFA 15) gained significant traction after their inclusion in the game, leading to increased radio airplay, music sales, and concert attendance.

Moreover, the trend of featuring international tracks from various cultures has fostered cross-cultural appreciation among gamers. As FIFA’s audience spans the globe, players are exposed to musical styles they might not have encountered otherwise. This has contributed to the diversification of musical tastes and a greater appreciation for the global music scene.

The Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack: Celebrating 25 Years of Musical Excellence

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, EA SPORTS unveiled the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack, a collaboration with Spotify that features a collection of 100 songs from past FIFA titles. The compilation is a testament to the franchise’s commitment to embracing diverse musical genres, making it a truly global experience. These fan-favorite tracks were meticulously chosen, and 40 of them were set to return in FIFA 23 through the World Cup update.

Among the standout tracks, Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” and Avicii’s “The Nights” demonstrate the franchise’s ability to incorporate contemporary hits that resonate with a broad audience. Additionally, the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack introduces a fresh song titled “Baby Queen” by Gorillaz, along with an exclusive kit for FIFA Ultimate Team.

Ranking the Best FIFA Songs

Reflecting on the franchise’s musical highlights, a ranking of the best FIFA songs provides a glimpse into the diverse and captivating soundscapes that have accompanied gameplay over the years. From FIFA 16’s inclusion of Beck’s “Dreams” to FIFA 18’s unforgettable track “Something For Your M.I.N.D” by Superorganism, the FIFA soundtracks have consistently showcased a blend of established and emerging artists.

FIFA 20’s “Offence” by Little Simz stands as a testament to the franchise’s ability to capture the zeitgeist of modern rap. Classics like New Order’s “Blue Monday” (FIFA Football 2005) and Fatboy Slim’s “Rockafeller Skank” are cherished by fans and have become synonymous with the series’ identity.


As the franchise continues to evolve and adapt, one thing remains constant: the power of music to elevate the gaming experience. The soundtracks of the FIFA series have not only provided a backdrop for virtual soccer matches but have also shaped memories, evoked emotions, and become anthems for both gamers and music lovers around the globe.

With each new installment, the FIFA franchise continued to push the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that the music remains as iconic as the game itself.

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