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Ajax Wins the 2023-24 KPN eDivisie Championship Title

In an electrifying showdown that captivated fans worldwide, Ajax emerged victorious against PSV Eindhoven to clinch the coveted 2023-24 KPN eDivisie championship title, a pinnacle event in the FIFA esports scene.

The thrilling final showcased the extraordinary talents of players PHzin and Levi De Weerd from Ajax, who overcame adversity to secure their victory against PSV’s formidable duo, ManuBachoore and Emre Yilmaz. This intense match required a penalty shootout to determine the champion after an intense series of games.

The final not only attracted a massive global audience but also saw a surge in betting on esports, as fans and enthusiasts placed their predictions on this high-stakes match, underscoring the growing intersection between competitive gaming and sports betting.

Ajax’s Journey to Glory

Ajax’s path to the championship was marked by dominant performances, starting from the quarter-finals where they delivered a commanding 9-2 aggregate victory over Heracles. Levi De Weerd set the tone with a decisive 5-1 win, which was complemented by PHzin’s 4-1 triumph, showcasing their skill and determination.

The semi-finals further highlighted Ajax’s prowess, as they dismantled FC Twente with a staggering 9-3 aggregate win, solidifying their status as the team to beat and setting the stage for a memorable final against PSV Eindhoven.

The High-Stakes Final Match

The final against PSV was nothing short of spectacular, offering fans a nail-biting experience from start to finish. Levi De Weerd and PHzin demonstrated resilience and strategic brilliance, with the match culminating in a dramatic penalty shootout that ultimately saw Ajax securing the championship title.

This victory not only earns Ajax the KPN eDivisie trophy but also a significant prize of €20,000, affirming their dominance in the e-sports arena. Additionally, PHzin and Levi have solidified their positions in the upcoming eChampions League and the inaugural FC Pro World Championship, highlighting their exceptional talent and competitive spirit.

Celebrating Excellence: Individual Awards

Beyond the team achievements, the KPN eDivisie season celebrated individual brilliance with several awards.

Mounir El Kahtaoui was named Rookie of the Season, Tom Dijkhuizen received the Goal of the Season accolade, and Emre Yilmaz was honored with the PlayStation Assist of the Season award, recognizing their outstanding contributions and memorable moments throughout the season.

What’s next in the FC Pro program?

As the current season advances, anticipation builds for the culmination of various esports tournaments within the FC Pro Leagues program. Fans have much to look forward to in the coming weeks, with a lineup of finals that promise to showcase the pinnacle of competitive gaming talent. Here’s a glance at what’s on the horizon:

  • eSerie TIM A 2024 Finals: Set to take place on April 18th and 19th, these finals will highlight the best of Italian esports football, bringing together top competitors in a battle for supremacy.
  • DFB-ePokal 2024 Final: Scheduled for April 27th, Germany’s premier competition will reach its climax, offering intense matchups and unforgettable gameplay moments.
  • eFirst League 2023/24 Finals: Also on April 27th, the Bulgarian premier league will conclude its season, showcasing the finest esports talent across its participating teams.
  • Ekstraklasa Games 2024 Grand Finals: Spanning April 27th and 28th, Poland’s elite FC 24 league will crown its champion in what promises to be a thrilling showdown of skill and strategy.
  • eLiga Profesional VISA Finals: The pinnacle of Argentine e-league will be on display on April 28th, with teams competing fiercely for the title.
  • eSerien 2024 Finals: Norway’s best will take to the virtual pitch on April 28th, in a contest that will determine the national champion of the season.
  • eChampions League 2024: The most prestigious event on the calendar, set for May 11th, will feature top players from around the globe vying for the ultimate title in European esports football.


The 2023-24 KPN eDivisie championship was a testament to the thrilling competition and exceptional talent within the e-sports community. Ajax’s remarkable journey to victory, culminating in a heart-stopping final against PSV, has set a new standard for excellence and excitement in the world of esports.

Fans and competitors alike look forward to the next season, eager to see what new heights will be reached in this rapidly evolving competitive landscape.

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