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EA Sports Bans Over 30.000 FIFA 22 Players For Exploiting The “No Loss Glitch”

In a social media post EA Sports announced that they have banned over 30.000 FUT players for abusing the so called “no loss glitch”.

A 7-day ban has been issued by EA this morning after many Ultimate Team players took advantage of an in-game glitch that allowed them to back out of a match and not receive a loss on their record. 


What is the “no loss glitch”?

The “no loss glitch” was first reported in a viral video last week by TikTok user apexskillz.


OMG I FOUND A NO LOST GLITCH IN FIFA 22 OH NOOOO🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️. #fifa22 #fifaglitch #fyp #fypシ #futchamps #skillzapex

♬ original sound – SkillzApex

In the short clip you can see how the player rage quits a game after conceding a goal by going to the PlayStation dashboard and waiting for 30 seconds until the game kicks him out.

Upon returning to the FIFA 22 menu you can see that the remaining FUT Champions matches were the same as before starting the match thus revealing the “no loss glitch”.  The glitch only worked on PlayStation or Xbox platforms.


EA’s Response

Two days after the video went viral, EA Sports devs reported that the glitch has been patched and the players that exploited it to rank higher in the Weekend League and Division Rivals will receive some sort of punishment.

Today EA confirmed that over 30,000 active accounts that exploited the glitch consistently have been suspended from any online play in FIFA 22 for a full week, that includes access to the FUT 22 Web and Companion apps.


Community Reaction

Many players welcomed the news of suspensions arguing that harsher punishments should have been applied to the cheaters involved in the misconduct:

Those affected by the ban weren’t very happy with the punishment some reporting that they have received a 1000-day ban instead of the one week ban as announced by EA:

However it was later confirmed by EA that the 1000-day ban message was simply a visual bug.

FUT has always been plagued by cheaters and actions like these from EA are much appreciated by honest players that actually like to have fun while playing the game without resorting to shortcuts or “glitches”.

FIFA 22 is available to play on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Seris X|S.

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