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FC 24 PlayStyles Guide

EA SPORTS FC 24 brings a refreshing twist to virtual football with the introduction of PlayStyles and PlayStyles+, a significant evolution from the traditional trait system.

This new feature aims to elevate the gaming experience by providing a more in-depth representation of players on the virtual pitch. No longer are players just a combination of face and name; they now possess a distinct essence, capturing their unique style and influence in the game, much like how Sugar Rush captures the essence of a candy wonderland in the world of online slot gaming.

EA SPORTS FC 24’s PlayStyles are grounded in comprehensive player data from sources like Opta. This data-driven approach ensures that each PlayStyle is an accurate reflection of a player’s real-world abilities and style. By leveraging such detailed data, the game brings an unprecedented level of realism and individuality to each player, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Understanding PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

PlayStyles in FC 24 are designed to dimensionalize athletes, transforming raw real-world data into in-game attributes that mirror their real-life capabilities. These PlayStyles go beyond superficial characteristics, delving into the essence of what makes each player unique. The system is tiered, with regular PlayStyles highlighting unique abilities and PlayStyles+ reserved for the elite, elevating their gameplay from special to spectacular. This distinction ensures that world-class players stand out significantly in the game.

The Impact on Gameplay

The introduction of PlayStyles profoundly impacts various game modes, including Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and Clubs. These PlayStyles play a crucial role in team building and strategy, offering gamers the chance to tailor their squads more realistically and authentically. By understanding and utilizing these PlayStyles, players can create teams that truly reflect the strengths and specialties of real-world athletes.

In total there are 32 PlayStyles available in two tiers, PlayStyles and PlayStyles+ and split in 6 main gameplay segments:


Power Shot – Performs quicker, faster power shots.

  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Power Shots
  • Increased ball travel speed for Power Shots
  • Power Shot+: Lower elevation for high-powered Power Shots

Dead Ball – Delivers swifter, more accurate set pieces with longer preview lines.

  • Longer preview line for free kicks and corners
  • Increased curve for free kicks and corners
  • Increased shot power for free kicks and corners
  • Increased accuracy for free kicks and corners

Chip Shot – Executes quicker, more accurate chip shots.

  • Increased accuracy for Chip Shots
  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Chip Shots
  • More driven arc trajectories, allowing for higher powered Chip Shots to remain on target

Finesse Shot – Performs quicker, more accurate finesse shots with added curve.

  • Increased accuracy for Finesse Shots
  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Finesse Shots
  • Higher powered Finesse Shots are less likely to go over the goal

Power Header – Performs headers with increased power and accuracy.

  • Increased ball speed on Headers
  • Increased accuracy for Headers
  • Higher powered Headers are less likely to go over the target
  • Unique powerful Header animations


Incisive Pass – Through Passes are more accurate, swerve passes have more curve, and Precision Passes are slightly faster.

  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Through Passes
  • Increased ball backspin to be easier to control for the receiver and avoid over hitting the pass location
  • Increase to accuracy of Through Passes
  • Incisive Pass+: Pass trajectories are more likely to avoid opposition players

Pinged Pass – Passes on the ground are faster without affecting receiver’s trapping ease.

  • Increased speed for non-first time Ground Passes
  • Increased pass quality, allowing pass receiver to have increased ball trapping control
  • Increased accuracy on Driven Passes
  • Reduced time to contact with ball for driven Ground Passes

Long Ball Pass – Lob and Lofted Through Passes are quicker, more accurate, and harder to intercept.

  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Lob Passes
  • Increased ball speed for Lob Passes
  • Increased accuracy on Lob Passes
  • Lob Pass height can result in a lower and faster trajectory if the path is clear
  • Long Ball Pass+: Increased driven trajectory for Lobbed Through Passes

Tiki Taka – Executes tricky first-time Ground Passes accurately, using backheels when suitable. Short Ground Passes are very accurate.

  • Increased accuracy for short Ground Passes
  • Contextual backheel animations if beneficial
  • Reduced time to contact with ball for Ground Passes
  • Increased pass quality allowing pass receiver to have increased ball trapping control

Whipped Pass – Crosses are quicker, more curved, and highly accurate.

  • Reduced time to contact with ball for crosses
  • Increased ball speed for crosses
  • Increased accuracy for crosses
  • Increased curve for crosses
  • Crosses have a more driven trajectory
  • Whipped Pass+: Reduced cross height


First Touch – Traps ball with less error, transitions to dribbling quicker with better control.

  • Increase ability to control when receiving the ball
  • Unique ball trapping animations

Flair – Executes fancy passes and shots more accurately, performing flair animations when suitable.

  • Access to unique flair animations
  • Increased accuracy with flair actions

Press Proven – Maintains ball control while jogging, shields ball effectively against stronger opponents.

  • Increase to Strength while shielding
  • Increased accuracy for off balance ball touches
  • Increased shield effectiveness with the ball
  • Faster shield dribbling animations
  • Increased controlled touches when dribbling

Rapid – Achieves higher dribbling sprint speed with lower error chance in sprinting or knock-ons.

  • Able to retain top speed for longer while sprint dribbling
  • Increased accuracy on knock ons and sprint dribbling
  • Reduced time to contact the ball when sprint dribbling

Technical – Attains higher speed in Controlled Sprint, executes wide dribbling turns more precisely.

  • Reduced time to contact the ball on Jog dribbling turns
  • Increased max Controlled Sprint speed R1 || RB
  • Increased awareness of players in their immediate surroundings
  • Increased accuracy on Controlled Sprint R1 || RB
  • Reduced time to contact the ball when Controlled Sprinting R1 || RB

Trickster – Enables execution of unique ground and flick Skill Moves.

  • Unique ball rolls from standing position with L2 + R2 || LT + RT
  • Unique flicks with R3 + LS in any direction
  • Trickster+: Unique flicks with L2 + R3 + LS || LT + R3 + LS in any direction
  • Trickster+: Increase animation speed of Strafe Dribbling L1 + LS || LB + LS
  • Trickster+: Unique Flair animation with L2 + Fake Shot || LT + Fake Shot while standing


Block – Enhanced block reach and success rate.

  • Increased user controlled player blocking distance
  • Increased distance for close manually requested blocks
  • Reduced time to contact for manually requested blocks

Bruiser – Greater strength when performing physical tackles.

  • Increased physicality when performing physical challenges
  • Intercept – Enhanced reach and retention chance during interceptions.
  • Increased ball control when intercepting
  • Ability to perform slide interceptions

Jockey – Higher Sprint Jockey speed and quicker transition from jockey to sprint.

  • Increased Sprint Jockey max speed
  • Increase transition speed from Sprint Jockey to Sprint

Slide Tackle – Grants the ability to stop the ball directly at their feet when performing a slide tackle.

  • New Stop Ball Slide Tackles that aim to keep the ball close to the tackler
  • Slide Tackle+: Contextually use hard slide animations when using regular slide tackle for improved responsiveness

Anticipate – Better standing tackle success, ability to halt ball at feet during standing tackles.

  • New Stop Ball Stand Tackles that aim to keep the ball close to the tackler
  • Increased tackle accuracy
  • Increased the max distance the ball can travel following a tackle


Actobatic – Executes more accurate volleys, and has access to more acrobatic volley animations.

  • Unique acrobatic kick animations
  • Increased accuracy for acrobatic kicks

Aerial – Jumps higher with better aerial physical presence.

  • Unique higher jumping animations
  • Increase max running jump height to be closer to max stand jump height
  • Increased accuracy and capability when performing an Air Shield Trap

Trivela – Triggers “outside of the foot” passes and shots with less error when appropriate.

  • Contextual Trivela kicks when beneficial
  • Increased accuracy on Trivela passes
  • Unique high power and high curve trajectory animations

Relentless – Lowers fatigue loss in-play, boosts half-time fatigue recovery.

  • Increased halftime stamina replenishment
  • Reduced Secondary Contain cooldown
  • Increased Secondary Contain duration
  • Reduced Partial Team Press cooldown
  • Increased Partial Team Press duration

Quickstep – Accelerates faster during Explosive Sprint.

  • Increased Explosive Sprint speed
  • Reduced Explosive Sprint activation angle requirement
  • Quick Step+: Increased Explosive Sprint duration
  • Quick Step+: Reduced Explosive Sprint cooldown
  • Quick Step+: Increases the transition time from Explosive Sprint speed to regular sprint speed

Long Throw – Performs throw-ins with increased power to cover a greater distance.


Far Throw – GK can target players further away with thrown passes.

  • BAG (Be A Goalkeeper) players will have better reach and handling as match ends.

Footwork – GK will perform saves with their feet more frequently.

  • BAG players will have increased reactions and speed in 1-on-1 situations.

Cross Claimer – GK will try to anticipate and intercept a cross.

  • BAG players will have increased reflexes and reactions during set pieces.

Rush Out – GK is more aggressive in exiting the box to collect over-the-top or long through balls.

  • BAG players will have increased speed when running.

Far Reach – BAG players save outside-box shots better with enhanced reach and jumping.

Quick Reflexes – BAG exhibit sharper reflexes for inside-box shot saves.

It’s important to highlight that the specialized PlayStyles for goalkeepers can only be utilized within the Be A Goalkeeper modes, such as Player Career or Clubs.

Strategic Use of PlayStyles in Team Building

Understanding and strategically employing PlayStyles can significantly impact your success in various game modes. Players should consider the best PlayStyles for each position, balancing the squad based on the unique abilities and traits of individual players. Whether in Career Mode Clubs, or Ultimate Team, the right combination of PlayStyles can be the key to building a winning team.

PlayStyles in EA SPORTS FC 24 represent a significant step forward in virtual football gaming. They offer a more nuanced and authentic representation of players, adding depth to gameplay and team management. As players dive into FC 24, experimenting with different PlayStyles and combinations will be essential in mastering the game and bringing the best out of their teams.


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