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Will FIFA 19 Become The Top Betting eSport in The World?

After the long anticipation, the new FIFA game is finally here, and it is better than ever before. Despite the fact that FIFA 18 still had the great graphics down, it was not paced quite right, while FIFA 19 has some brand new enhancements. One of them is cutting the players’ response time among others. The game feels more like the real deal than any previous version.

The reason why this could potentially become the top eSport in the sportsbetting sphere is that the game is growing more and more popular with each new release. FIFA 19 has a ton of new features and possibilities but, most importantly, it has the smoothest gameplay of all FIFA games so far.

After the success of FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 in becoming some of the top eSports betting events, it is only natural to wonder how far FIFA 19 will go considering the number of its improvements. Given that the main reason why this game appeared on the eSports stage is because of its similarities to real-life football, and that this brand new release has a more realistic gameplay than any previous one, it seems only logical to assume that FIFA 19 will definitely take the stage entirely.

FIFA as an eSport

Since the game is so life-like, the bets you can place on it are almost exactly like the ones for real football games. The difference is, of course, that you are betting on a single player and not an actual team. So instead of familiarizing yourself with a whole team, you need to study the player you have chosen.

Despite the fact that there are already some prominent names in FIFA, one thing that must always be taken into consideration is that there is always a chance for an unknown underdog player to win. This is especially true for smaller-scale events and with the growth of the game, there will be more of them now too. Always do your research on the players you are about to place a bet on and also keep in mind that an underdog victory has some of the highest payouts.

However, if that same underdog is a newbie up against a pro-gamer, chances are definitely not in their favor and betting on an underdog, in this case, would most likely result in a loss. You need to be familiar with all pro-players that will participate in the event you are planning on placing a wager on. It is also essential to study their style and technique so that when two major players face-off, you have a better chance of making the right call.

FIFA Bets and Odds Explained

If you are more familiar with the gaming sphere than the online gambling industry, then you should first make sure that you understand all the different types of bets you can place as well as the odds. The most simple and most common bet you can place on this type of a game is a money-line bet, which is basically a wager on the result of a single match. For example, one such bet may be – person A will beat person B.

There are also outright bets, special bets, accumulator bets, in-play bets, and more but if you are new to the crowd, sportsbettingday.com recommend you stick to the money-line bets. Of course, sometimes risk pays off, so you can let your gut feeling take the wheel occasionally.

It is also absolutely crucial to understand how odds work. Depending on the sportsbook you have picked and the region you are in, you will be faced with different types of odds. They can be fractional, decimal, moneyline, and wholesale. Make sure you are familiar with how they work before you place a wager. Most websites give players the right to choose the types of odds they are seeing, but you still need to be able to understand how at least one type works.


In any case, our prognosis for the upcoming FIFA 19 season is that it will attract more players than ever. The fact that the game is now enhanced and filled with new features indicates that it will certainly attract more gamers. The fact that it is also more realistic now means that it will attract more football enthusiasts. Combine those numbers with the people who simply enjoy placing bets on eSports online and you get an unrivaled sum.

It is important to remember to play responsibly and be cautious when it comes to the online gambling world. There are a ton of websites out there that are supposedly legitimate sportsbooks but are, in fact, fraudulent and unsafe. You should only play at trusted websites and, if anything seems fishy, it never hurts to double-check if everything is as it should be.

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