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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

And we are back again with a new collection of awesome mods in our Sunday Web Roundup post, where we gathered the best patches and tools made this week for FIFA 13.

oknzl’s 12 To 13 Excel Transfer Tool

Immersion Gameplay ’13: Database Remastered
by AndreaPirlo21

FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod V 0.8.7
by Ariel

ThirteenApache Patch by eXcPlus

Napoli Graphics Patch by FIFAMania

1.FC Köln Kitpack 2012/2013 by haribofan

FIFA Manager 12 Logo for FIFA 13 Patch by Patchanka

Menu Stadium Pics Patch by Patchanka

New FIFA 13 Grass Model by EditingGeneration

Juventus Stadium Serie A update by VK

Stade Velodrome Ligue 1 update by VK

Sports Direct Arena EPL update by VK

Bundesliga Facepack by TeneCee

Alexander Büttner, Jonny Evans, Gastón Ramirez, Vedad Ibišević & Kurt Zouma Faces by Wade

FIFA 13 Face Pack by Marius

FC Twente Face Pack by FV.Mason

Winter Gloves Patch by EL_KEEPER

Bundesliga Banner Pack by Geißbock23 & MexicanTraveller.

2GK Boots – Double Size Textures
Template by Ariel

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  1. Hey Damin Help me in playing fifa 13 virtual pro because as in fifa 12 it was greate but in fifa 13 it is not too good i want to play my pro in exibition match also like fifa 12 and i also want it in the team squad fro which i can select it in the arena like as a defaut messi is there. All sort all i want the virtual pro just like fifa 12 doesnt matter about the acomplisment i will unlock it while playing but can u do somthing on it i really like ur job plzzz help i want the pro to be play in my own like fifa 12 does.

    sorry for long description ;))

  2. Hey i need help i cant play fifa 13 on pc

    my sys specs:

    core 2 duo 2.6
    4gb ram
    nvidia 9500 gt – 1 gb
    windows 7 – 64 bit

    the fifa13.exe file does nothing…just the EA screen and I get fifa crash dump. tried all the tips and stuff but to no avail.

    please someone HELP.

  3. Jim van persie | Try To Reinstall

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