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.:: Sunday Web Roundup ::.

FIFA 13 is getting more and more editable thanks to all modders worldwide who create amazing mods and tools like the ones we have for you today in our Sunday Web Roundup:

Fifa13 i68 Regenerator 3.1 by iard68

FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod V 0.8.5 by Ariel

FIFA 13 Database Update 1.1 by Ariel

Serie A Calendar Fix 13 by Outsider 87

Ita Db Patch 13 by Outsider 87

ENB v2 for FIFA 13 by [R]ainy™

Patch Liga MX 1.0 by AresMX

FP T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Patch by FIFAPolonia

Career Mode Tweaks by Exocyst

FC Bayern München Kitpack 2012 / 2013 by HSVBalti, Cesc_4 & haribofan

FIFA 13 Faces Pack by SieL23

Polish T-Mobile Ekstraklasa Fantasy Scoreboards by lew77

Stamford Bridge EPL Update by VK

White Hart Lane EPL Boards Update by VK

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  1. graphic switcher 13 plz

  2. Slabut cu patchurile momentan pentru FIFA 13. Singur care e de bagat in seama este cel de la http://www.moddingway.com.

    *FIFA 13 ModdingWay Mod V 0.8.5 by Ariel
    Are un minus in schimb, daca vrei sa-l cumperi pe Neymar iese din joc! 😐

  3. Bootpack fifa 12 and fifa 13.
    Textures rx3

  4. Can some1 make a patch with more teams from eurpa? for example all teams in europa and champions league? thx a lot

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