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The first news roundup about FIFA 13 is here!We have searched on the web and collected all the info related to FIFA 13 and here’s what we’ve found until now:

On 4th of June EA will officially present FIFA 13 to the public and press at the E3 Expo from Los Angeles.The press conference will be available in live streaming on the official websites of E3 and EA Sports!

Last week EA Sports hold a secret showcase of FIFA 13 in London where game journalists and popular fifa youtubers were invited to try FIFA 13 for the first time!

Some of the lucky persons who had this special invitation were the game journalist Paul Rayment (PR Manger at Dubit),christrout91,the famous FIFA & C.O.D youtuber and the guys from 360-gamer.com who posted some pics and info about the new game on Facebook and Twitter from the secret conference:

– “FIFA 13 is more realistic.
– “The gameplay looks good, many improvements and increased realism.
– “Unfortunately, they didn’t want to go into details on the various game modes, but I at least had some good info on FIFA 13.
– “The tactical defending is not cancelled.”

Credits to FifaGamersBlog & VideoGamesZone for the pics and info!

Also Andrew Wilson, the senior vice president of EA Sports confirmed that Move (PS3) & Kinect (Xbox 360) will be introduced in FIFA 13!

About the licenses,in FIFA 13 we will have 3 new leagues!The Czech & Turkish leagues will return in FIFA 13 after their removal in FIFA 12 because of the license agreement in the case of the Czech League and the license ban of the Turkish League after the corruption scandal.This year EA Sports managed to sign a new license agreement with the Czech football federation and the Turkish League lifted the license ban.The third league that will be available in the future title of FIFA is the Zain Saudi League,the Saudi Arabia first football league!The news was confirmed by the official website of Saudi Pro League and they said that FIFA 13 will contain all 14 teams of their first league plus 2 teams from their second league for a total of 16 new teams!Also the staff of EA Sports traveled to Saudi Arabia and completed the face capture of the most important players of the Saudi Pro League and their specific faces will be available in the upcoming FIFA title.

Thanks to our friends from FIFAKulte for the info!

In the marketing department,after last year’s sponsorship with Swindon Town, EA Sports signed their second sponsorship contract with a professional football club,this time with Leyton Orient,that will have the FIFA 13 logo on their away shirt!

Credits to footballshirtculture.com for the picture!

Lastly there are some rumors about a new mode called Be-A-Referee but there is nothing confirmed yet!

So guys,what to you think about the new leagues,the Move & Kinect for FIFA 13 and the so-called Be-A-Referee mode?Please leave your comments bellow!

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  1. Zain Saudi League?!
    Winer League must better
    More groups in Europe

  2. What about UEFA license…………?


  4. Hope they will include the Ukrainian League, it would be a shame not to include 2 great teams like Shaktar Donetsk & Dinamo Kiev… Especialy with the Euro’s being held partly in the Ukraine

  5. Saldra PARA PC si no sale un duro Golpe para toda las personas q usamos PC.

  6. I think that the new game mode would be good for fifa to add more laughs while playing or to relax at some point

    I searched at wikipedia and I saw that they will include some new South American leagues

  7. Finally Saudi League in fifa 🙂

  8. I think they will include South African League with Kaizer Chiefs,Orlando Pirates etc. In FIFA MANAGER 12 this league already available.

  9. Why in Fifa 13 doesn’t appear Romanian League?It is one of the most important league from Europe:with teams like Steaua Bucharest (2 finals of Champions Cup in 80′ and 90′), a league which this year had 4 team in groups.

  10. Uefa Champions league and Uefa Europa league should be added.

  11. Will be awesome to buy uefa license..Champions League,Europe League…
    Respect Infinity andi EA!

  12. Hell Yeah! PES is out of the action.

  13. thank’s for the news fifa-infinity … i’m just curious about Kinect&Move compatibility …

  14. Hey mates, nothing about Brazilian narration?

  15. what is hapened with uefa champions league or uefa europa league competitions? add this.

  16. Does FIFA 13 will be Champions League and Europa League?

  17. 1.when you bid for a player then you can go to transfer negotiations and click on the player and there will be a screen that says any clubs intrested and any bids made by other clubs. (bidding wars)

    2.agree transfers out of transfer window and confirm them in transfer windows.(pre contracts)

    3.ask the owners for more money to improve the squad.(asking for cash)

    4.get a scout to look at a player and give you a report including who they are similar to in your squad, other clubs possibly intrested, a suggested bid and if it is achievable.(scout real players)

    5.dont have a rolling year on year contract.(long term manager contracts)

    6. emergency loans on career mode(emergency loan)

    7. international breaks and international competitions(internationals)

    8. swap players(swaps)

    9. player plus cash deals(player and cash)

    10. when a club bids for a player on career mode ask them for an amount of money like they do to you on fifa 12(request an amount)

    11.more injuries when you play matchs(injuries)

  18. I agree for most of it and add

    12. Your virtual pro be able to transfer in the transfer windows and given a long term contract

    13. If your nation is on the DATABASE like Spain make your virtual player be able to play and qualify for Spanish National Squad ans International breaks and International Competition is already mentioned

    14. GET UEFA LICENSE playing UEFA matches on FIFA is just weard PES feels more like it….

  19. so what persian League?!

  20. come up with some more suggestions. they are

    15.manage national teams on career mode(international management)

    16. be able to resign or move clubs any time you want on career mode(manager resignation)

    i’ll add Gamers suggestions. oh and Gamer what are the suggestions you dont agree with.

    anyone that has suggestions submit them on

  21. 17. be an agent mode

  22. Why don’t add some faces for the dutch Eredivisie? The license is useless because PES won’t sell it… Nice to get those leagues, but first improve faces of many teams and country’s! Why not going to EURO2012 and capture all the national teams?

  23. #1 Create your own jersey after a season ends
    #2 Create your own stadium like in madden games
    #3 Have players go on international duties
    #4 Have actual press confernce
    #5 Make finals more realistic!!!!!!!!!!
    #6 When you make your VP you will have to get a agent
    #7 Get the face capture on luis Suarez, Angel Di Maria, Alexis Sanchez, Marcelo, Johnny Evans, Phil Jones, Erick Torres, Neymar and José María Callejón
    #8 Have your virtual pro have interviews
    #9 Have the option to have to players age to stay the same so they wont get old in manager mode
    #10 Be your nations manager after a while if your manager reputation is 5 stars

  24. No argentina league? ffs, first the freakin irish league, now the fuckin saudi league. I lived in oman for a couple of years and I can no doubt tell you that the MLS has better football than the saudi league. And this is saying alot… that is on how much the league sucks.
    Real leagues for a real game EA….

  25. The Be-A-Refree mode is now confirmed! In thi Mode, We Will Have To become a ref. and we can also card any player at any foul but it will do something to our carrer.All I know that it will be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Reaper822:

    Uefa Champions league and Uefa Europa league should be added.

    They have an exclusive license with Konami that those will only available in PES

  27. Here in Brazil is very complicated, FIFA has to negotiate with individual clubs and the same with their sponsors, the lack of Brazilian league is a big problem. = (

  28. WE WANT UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. As a non-league im dissapointed that blue square bet premier, north & south wont be on fifa 13. it would be great for these sort of clubs.

    Also all (or most) clubs should have there real grounds, we dont want town park or whatever.

    Real referees like howard webb should be on it aswell not hayden pennyfeather.

    UEFA Champions league would be a bonus.

    Trophy presentations should be better, like when you win a cup at wembly the players should walk up the steps and the captain should lift the trophy

  30. Another thing that would improve fifa is have CPU managers resign, retire or get sacked…. It looks stupid that Alex Ferguson is still managing Man Utd in 2022!!!

    Players who retire should be able to become managers

    In career mode when choosing to be manager you should have 2 options, 1. Stay as current manager or 2. Create your own. E.g. Age, looks and how he is dressed.

    Manager, coaches and players should be on bench.

    Players should be seen warming up during matches

  31. EA knows non-league fans like myself want blue square bet premier, north & south on fifa. It dissapoints me that they are not on it but saudi arabia is!!!!

    All/or most clubs should have their proper stadiums on it

  32. Again no UEFA licence. I`m disappointed EA.

  33. South African soccer leauge must be included

  34. Yes! Yes! Yes! Saudi League on FIFA 13
    Thanks‏ ‏EA Sport

  35. anyone knows if it will be on the PlayStation 2?

  36. The things we want are:
    1. UEFA Leagues
    2. Manager & Players should be seen sitting on a bench
    3. Real Stadiums & Refrees should be there
    4. We Want that India And other Small international Teams should be added.
    5.(Last)-In carrer mode we should be able to Move our Player / Manager after the match ends. (i.e-We will go in/out the stadium or they should show that we are Travelling in a bus.)

  37. when playres kick ground shot the ball go up to the net like cristiano ronaldo’s second goal to bayern munchen but in fifa it didn’t happened

  38. no argentinean league this game sucks man when are you people going to put this league ?

  39. yes yes yes yes finally turkish league back can’t wait thankyou EA sport so much

  40. will fifa 13 have the ufae champishon cup on it

  41. I think they should definately bring back the Turkish league. They should add more teams to the rest of the world like shanghai shenhua, dynamo Kiev, shaktar donetsk. Add in all of the Argentinian teams. And I would get rid of the Swedish league coz their isn’t any good teams

  42. Every year there’s no Greek league not to be bias I just think there should be the Greek league if ea don’t put the Greek league at least put a extra 1-3 Greek teams in rest of the world

  43. Who cares about Zain Saudi League? We want more European leagues, includes Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Greece. And license on Champions league and European league of course.

  44. I love fifa it was a good game.. We are in the year 2012 and weve been waiting years for one of the best leagues in the world.. La liga Argentina .. Im really pissed att you motherfuckers for not having it.. And what the fuck is up with stadiums you cant see your teams manager and bench players .. And the crowd looks like cardboard!!! Lot of things to fix!!!!asap .. Maybe then ill be in love with fifa again.. Son unos garcas

  45. Will the WALES NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM be included

  46. it looks like ukraine on fifa 13

  47. Put the Cypriot league or put only Apoel because the team played well at champions league 2011-2012

  48. Wales should be on the game we are now ranked the 2nd best team in Britain have loads of premier league players and yet still not on there its pathetic

  49. it would be fantastic and great if you put more into the game Ukrainian Premier League…
    The more clubs from Ukraine consistently played in the Champions League and UEFA Europa League, with famous players, have good stadiums, are active transfer policy (especially this summer) and also the country held a Euro-2012.
    I hope …
    For fans of Ukraine, this will be even more motivated to buy a license ..


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