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Why Are EA Sports FC 24 Player Ratings Such a Big Deal

The football gaming world almost came to a standstill at the news that FIFA was rebranding to EA Sports FC in 2022. That was after the company’s partnership deal with the international football, soccer, and futsal governing body expired. 

Now, with the launch of EA Sports FC 24 in late September 2023, we understand why this move was necessary. And to show the massive reception of the new product, over 14.5 million accounts were active within the first four weeks of its global launch. 

Apart from the anticipated launch of FC 24, we’ve also been eagerly awaiting the release of player ratings. With FC 24’s latest addition of Playstyles, which are unique traits and abilities given to a player to mimic their real-life signature moves, we are still amazed by the impeccable accuracy of player ratings. But how do they come up with such error-free ratings, and why are they so crucial to the gaming experience? 

What Are EA Sports FC 24 Player Ratings?

By now, you probably have a rough idea of what EA Sports FC 24 player ratings are. But to put it in words, they refer to numerical figures, usually out of 100, assigned to FC 24 players to quantify their skills, abilities, and physical attributes in the game. 

Similar to other esports like Madden NFL, the experts at EA Sports comb through hundreds of reports and real-life statistics from reputable sources like Pro Football Reference and Opta to assess a player’s abilities, skills, and performance. That way, the rating encompasses that specific player’s efficiency and general skill level. 

But don’t get us wrong, these numbers are not all fact-based. A certain amount of player ratings research is subjective as well. After all, if we think about it realistically, how would they come up with accurate figures for all 19,000+ players in the game? 

Nonetheless, EA Sports has done a pretty commendable job in capturing, for the most part, precise ratings. Player ratings coupled up with high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay are some of the reasons why EA Sports FC ranks as one of the highest selling games of all time. The game’s popularity has also made it become a top choice for esports.

EA Sports FC esports gaming is huge, and players from different parts of the world compete for a prize. Enthusiasts of the game can place wagers on various sports betting sites to see which team will come out on top. The 1v1 competitions show impressive talent in terms of planning squads and choosing teams with the best player ratings.

Importance of EA Sports FC 24 Player Ratings

In the real world, player ratings are taken into account as an objective score that aids in the quick comparison between players in a particular league or club. The same applies to EA Sports FC 24. Let’s further break down the importance of these ratings in the section below.

Understand Player Abilities and Skills

Like NBA 2K, EA Sports FC 24 has gone above and beyond to capture player skills and abilities. In fact, the latter has taken an extra step to include realistic player signature moves through its Playstyle feature. All that is included in the FC 24 player ratings.

As we’ve already mentioned, months of research from tons of skilled football enthusiasts go into realizing these figures. As a result, gamers can assess a specific player’s defending, pacing, shooting, and physicality skills based on the rating.

Picking A Dream Team

It goes without saying: you need a winner’s team to win an EA Sports FC 24 game. So, how do you pick the players for the team? By checking player ratings to find high-performing players. 

Instead of analyzing thousands of reports and reviewing big moments in the previous football season, EA Sports has made it easier by providing you with player ratings based on realistic stats. It’s just not for players alone, you can also review team ratings for a more comprehensive look at who matches your opposing team better. 

Reveal Different Strategies

In essence, ratings provide choices. Talented defenders to safeguard your goal or high-rated strikers to score your goal—the choice is yours. Whether you prefer defending or attacking, ratings make selecting a team based on your approach possible.

But remember, no one wants a team full of highly-rated players. Even out your squad to ensure all your players’ skill levels blend well on the field. 

EA Sports FC 24 Is A Big Hit

The EA Sports FC 24 wave still lures millions of players worldwide. With new mechanics and squads introduced to the game, the gaming community is still abuzz about this title. The game also has exciting promos released frequently, which keeps things interesting. So, gather your friends, buy the Ultimate or Standard FC 24 editions, choose your squad, and start playing. 

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